Tell me this isn't strange.
These zinnias are off of
ONE plant grew all of 
these different flowers.
They look a little shell-shocked
because we've had some cool weather.
I love variety.
It makes the world go round.


Anonymous said…
Here in Kansas the weather has been very mild and VERY dry. I am looking forward to some snow, well lets hope around Christmas time. I guess we mowed our flowers over to early but we are still watering our green grass lawn! Your sister, Kristi.....p.s.I think at least 10 of your crocheted hot pads have sold, I am going to tell Katie to mail you a check here after Thanksgiving! I will let you know amount as soon as I find out!
Mrs. Mobunny said…
OH YAY! That means people must like them!!!!
Rebecca said…
I ♥ variety, too - and OBVIOUSLY, so does our Creator :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. Mobunny! God bless you and your family on this day & in the days to come.
Grammie Kim said…
I am so glad that you have THAT particular Zinnia. :) Not many people would appreciate the differences like you do!

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