Wednesday, October 24

What's Up....Outside?

My mom sent these Hen and Chicks home with me in this old enamel cooker.....they are planted in sand from the back yard.  It was strange to be able to dig in something that wasn't hard as a rock.  I do hope these live.  I can't seem to keep potted plants alive, or very happy.  Zephyr is smirking.  Don't take the look on her face for a smile.  She would make a terrible church member.

The Sunday morning of the celebration of our 35th anniversary as a church....I took this picture.  Can you believe this?  A blue-bonnet blooming in October?  We are having record breaking high temps.  Just what I like.  June like weather in October.

This has been a good year for zinnias.  They continue to bloom and they continue to come up.  I have about 100 almost ready to bloom.....I'm not scared of a frost in October.....or November....and probably not December.....

These are radish flowers.  I planted some seeds LAST September in a brick planter in front of the house and they continue to grow and do all sorts of things.  I think I am going to totally gut this planter and start all over again with soon as a cool front blows in.  I'm always waiting for a cool front this time of year....I will admit it.

As a young girl I would watch my mom fiddle with her plants and dig things up and grow things in different places.  She had an Angel Wing she took special care of.  It wasn't very good to her, all it did was grow a big leaf, then that leaf would shrivel up,die, and fall off.  We had pink phlox on the North side of the house....she had day lilies, iris and lots of Hen and Chicks.  We also had little spider cactus......we had them in all kinds of pots.  Mine was in a shallow dish that was white with dark blue Chinese? Japanese? people on it.  Now my mom can't *do* plants any more.

 I potted an airplane plant for her while I was in Kansas and she has a Christmas cactus in the washroom....but that's it.  No more pulling weeds and arranging pots and planting marigolds for her.  I must say, she made the best of every day......she was always doing something.  My mom didn't sew clothes for us, she didn't make quilts and she didn't crochet.....but she loved her plants and that was a good thing for me to watch as a young girl.

Do you make the best of every day?


Rebecca said...

Not always (make the best of every day)...but I'm challenged to do so after reading this :)

My, YOU certainly "do" plants, my friend!

Anonymous said...

hello dear sister. I do remember Mom always piddlin with her plants. It is sad she can't do it anymore, especially outside. I plan on going out and helping her get her fake Christmas tree put up out on her porch. Though I know its not a plant, she did enjoy it last year. Take Care! Love Kristi