Wednesday, October 17

Revival Week a picture of a dear friend.
She married another friend of ours....
and they are moving away from the area.
We didn't get to see each other very often,
but it was nice to know we could
visit their church once in a while and *visit*.
They blessed us with their presence one night at the revival.

We had a great week at our church.
Brother Hudson and his wife stayed at 
Quintana Park in their trailer and had random meals with us.
We also enjoyed eating with our church members in
their homes.
Mrs. Hudson and I went to a little 
*hole in the wall*
in Freeport for lunch one day.

Here are my three guys.
Caleb got the "unsmiling gene".

My two sweet daughter in laws.
I call them Dilly and K-dilly.
They call me Milly.

These are the daughters that are still home with us.
Lydia and Kimberly
They have been singing specials with their cousins,
they have really enjoyed practicing with them.

James and I left for New Caney after the Friday night services.
Then the next morning, we drove to Kilgore where my Aunt lives.....
then my Aunt and I traveled to Kansas.
We got lost in Dallas.


Rebecca said...

I enjoyed "meeting" the people who are special to you and with whom you spend your time and energies....

No pictures of that "hole in the wall"?

Grammie Kim said...

How nice that a special friend dropped in. I kinda like your daughters-in-law. :) Hope your visit to KS was great.
I remember when you took me to a "hole in the wall" and I thought that was the name of the little place. :/

Heather McEntire said...

i LOVE the way this post ended. I would get lost on my way up 288.
and it makes me sad that Kari is leaving. :(
Love to you, Milly.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Heather, where is 288?
Rebecca, the place wasn't picture worthy, but the food was good.
Kim, the place was called Luna's...across from El Toro.