Monday, September 10

Old Quilt

My Great-Grandmother made me this quilt.
That would make it around 50 years old.
I remember looking at the soft little bunnies.

I also remember not liking the *patchwork* side of it.
It was rough and the colors were not pretty.
I'm pretty sure it was made out of
 men's suit pants
and jackets.

I have been to a few quilt fairs in Houston.
So you KNOW they were fantastic affairs!
Hundreds and hundreds of quilts on display.
They are works of art.

The *quilters* win trophies, medals, honors.
I know they put a lot of work into them.
lots of money.  
The fabric is purchased brand new......
and if you have priced fabric for quilts, you know the 
finished product is pricey.
When I think of quilts,
I think of the way they used to be made.
From scraps......

That's the way I like to make quilts.
from scraps.....fabric from my own sewing room

If you have a thought on quilts....and scraps....and works of art....
please say so!


Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

once upon a time ago nothing was wasted and quilts were a neccesity and not just a hobby. I have all my grandmother's quilts now. I can look at them for hours reminscing over the scraps and remembering the childhood dresses she made for me. Have you read "The Rag Coat"? It's a child's story book but one of my favorites... you might enjoy it too.

Pen Pen said...

I agree that a 'true quilt' is made from scraps and make-do fabrics. However, I do love the new fabrics that are constantly hitting the market with quilters in mind. And I am guilty of buying more than I need. I do save my scraps and hope to make a 'real' scrappy quilt one day!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

OH YES! I love quilt fabric......but it would always be plan B.

Anonymous said...

Michele I had forgotten about that quilt until I just seen it on your blog. Such a soft bunny material should have had a soft top on it. That sure does bring back memories. See you in Kansas soon Love Kristi

Mrs. Mobunny said...

It won't be long Kristi!