Tuesday, September 4

Fun Fact

If you have the delightful chance 
to pick some fruit from a citrus tree
 and you're not sure what it is...
...A lime tree is bushy, 
a lemon is tall and tree like. 
 The leaves on a lime tree
 smell like a lime when you crush them. 
 Lemon tree leaves have no smell.  
I so wish we would have
bought a couple of fruit
trees when we first moved here
over 20 years ago.
They would be fully mature now....
and fruity.


Rebecca said...

Well, who knew that lemon tree leaves have no smell?!?

(This post reminds me that I bought a whole bag of lemons for something that I never used them for. Wonder if they're still any good???)

Grammie Kim said...

Don't you just love hind-sight? :)
I wish you had planted citrus trees, too! But you DO have an avocado tree! That's fun...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Kim: Yes, yes. I do have the avocado tree. With no fruit.

Rebecca: I think citrus can keep for quite a while in the fridge!