Friday, August 3

What I Did Today

I say cinder blocks are a gardener's best friend!  Cinder blocks don't rot, they don't break easily, they don't lose their shape, they don't ever go out of style. I will use the holes as planters and will plan on watering often.  I added a few other types of bricks that I have in random spots just waiting for a home.

Sun-dial and Bird-bath.

I had a really fun time today digging, fixing up, moving and planning.   This little spot here that you see is what's left of a square foot cinder block garden. (bottom pic)  My two boys bought me bricks for my birthdays.....and this is where they were first placed.  Today I was alone in my gardening efforts, but I used to have two boys that would be out back with me moving the heavy things and doing shovel stuff!  I'm on my own now, but I have the presents they gave me many years ago, and the memories.
I'm going to let the grass grow over this spot, but it will always be a special *spot* to me.  One of the boys bought me a bag of little rocks.......they are still in the area shown...I used them for decoration around some bricks....maybe one of these days when I'm long gone, somebody will be digging in this area and wonder why so many little rocks are under the grass?
I hope so.


Dee said...

A moms heart...I love the little rocks you kept and the memories you still carry of them.♥

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Your gardens always brings me a smile. I LOVE, LOVE the pot lids on the fence. We tried a cinder block garden one year after reading the book "Cinder Block Gardens". It was a huge flop -- no shade, drought, and endless triple digit days are not a good combo -- but it was a learning experience none the less.