Wednesday, August 29

Never Satisfied

I've changed my Bible reading up a little and this morning I read part of an article on prayer by Spurgeon, then I read Proverbs 30.
Proverbs 30 has a few short lists.....
three things that are never satisfied
yea four things
three things which are too wonderful for me
three things the earth is disquieted
four which it cannot bear
four things which are little but exceeding wise
three things that go well
four are comely in going

I pondered on the *never satisfied* for a bit.....
1. the grave
2. the barren womb
3. earth that is not filled with water
4. the fire that saith not, It is enough

These four things never say it is enough.
They are never satisfied.
Then I thought of myself.
I don't make hot tea,
then put ice in it,
then put sugar in it,
then put a lemon in it.....
so I'm not guilty there....
but  plenty of other places I am.

The Inspirations sing a song about moving into a *brand* new home,
and before you know it,
you're making changes.
And women.....all in the name of decorating,
make those changes.
Or at least ask for them.
*I* need to make sure I am making our house a home
from my make things nicer for others.....
and not from a spirit of discontent.

I don't even like *China*, or glass dishes,
but I have three sets.
But yet, I would take another set....
that *I* get to pick out.

So, go to a party and they don't have what you like to drink.
You call Sprite Zero a drink?
Where's the Apple Fanta?
Can you just drink water?
and nobody ever know
your favorite drink wasn't
on the table?


Wow.  Here I have all of these dice......and wonder if I 
can ever say I have enough?
All in the name of collecting.
(actually, if I only collected dice, 
I'd be better off, 
but it hasn't stopped here)

Believe it or not,
this innocent cupcake can be highly complained about.
I don't want a cupcake.
I want a piece of cake.
Is this dark chocolate?
I like vanilla better.
And sprinkles?
I only like the little round ones.

There are never enough brownies, enough cool fronts,
enough vacation days,
game times,
nap times,
purses, shoes, or perfume.
we are happy with a 30 second prayer to God in the morning
and 5 minutes of Bible reading.


ancient one said...

oh me..

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Grammie Kim said...

...what ^^^ they said...

Rebecca said...

This one "hits" too close to home! And I don't just mean having a collection of dice -- which I DO!