Thursday, August 2

Jonathan Sperry

Good Movie!

Well look at me.  Well, thanks to my husband, I figured out how to name a link instead of just HAVING a link.
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

(just click on the Good Movie)

My husband and I just watched this movie........I stayed awake through the whole thing.....and that's saying something because I was tired when I turned it on and usually get more and more and more drowsy as a movie goes on.  We have is easy thatta way.  If not, try to find a way to see it.  Worth your time!


Rebecca said...

Well...I think I WILL try to find a way to see it - and to stay awake while we watch it :)

Dee said...

Good job...I still have not mastered links of any kind.

Anonymous said...

I thought this movie looked interesting, glad to know it's a good one! :o)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Rebecca, I can send Bunny and Sheba over to your house and they can nip and fight under your feet.....that would keep you awake.
Dee, I probably already forgot how to do the fancy link....
Mrs. B,let me know what you thought of it.

Humble wife said...

I am smiling because this is the one movie Bill(my sweetie) did not fall asleep too!

I really enjoyed the movie and am glad you shared!


Anonymous said...

My family liked The Sperry movie too. :-)