Thursday, August 9

some questions answered

Happy Mama  asked me to answer these questions.

Eleven questions to my chosen nominees:
1) What was the most significant event that happened in your life to lead you where you are today?

My salvation.  I'm in Texas, in Freeport, in this house, a pastor's wife, a mom of 6, Aunt to many, Grandmother to 8.....because I got saved and this is where God wants me.

2) What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?.

Proverbs.  I like the plain and simple instruction it gives. No excuses to not apply it.

3) What is it about your husband that first caught your attention?  And how has he kept it through the years?

??????......he was preaching in a rest home and the Lord laid it on my heart to start being nice to him.  You see, we didn't hit it off right away.  There was no love at first sight. Probably what caught my attention was......if he said something, he wasn't kidding.
He has kept my love and attention because he loves the Lord.

4) What is your favorite style of shoe and why?

This is my favorite kind of shoe........low heel, ducky, comfortable........I would take these as slips ons also.

5) If you could become a new character in your favorite book, what book would it be and what would your name be?

My favorite books are by Gladys Taber....I would be a neighbor.  Her very favorite neighbor, surely.  I think my name would be Molly Toven.

6) Have you pinned any DIY projects to pinterest and if so, how many have you done?

This is the *idea* I got from Pinterest.......I haven't actually posted these pictures over there yet.  I would have never come up with a cinder-block garden like this on my own.  I've enjoyed fixing them up....and adding other things.....

7) What is your favorite thing to do when you find yourself alone in your clean, quiet house?

I used to turn on a Martha Stewart show that I had recorded..... and work on a rug or sew snaps and buttons on something........I can't do that anymore......I guess I tend to sew with our without Martha. (I will also sew when the house isn't clean.)

8) If you could tell a brand new mother one thing, what would it be?

Turn the hearts of your children to the Lord, then you won't have to worry if YOU have their hearts.

9) I give you a thousand dollars.  What will you do with it?

This isn't very romantic, or crafty, or interesting....but I'd get my left bottom back tooth pulled.  With the $800 I'd have left, I'd drive to Pearland, straight to Macy's and buy a Fossil purse of my choice.  I'd also take my family out to eat while we were there.  I'd put the rest of the money in my hiding place and spend it little bits at a time.

10) A thief breaks into your house in the middle of the night.  Where will you hide?

Under my bed?  I'd be sure to wake my husband up first.

11) What is your favorite time of day and why? 

The morning.  I am a morning person.  I love to get up.  I love to drink coffee and talk to Sheba.  I sometimes walk around the gardens and take pictures, I start a load of laundry, I read my Bible, I plan the day, I dress accordingly.  


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading these....And those are some *seriously* CUTE shoes!

Kristi said...

Loved it! Thanks for participating! I especially liked the answer to the $1,000 question. :)


Rebecca said...

Dear "Molly",

Now I really, REALLY want to meet you in person.

Seriously. I do.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I can answer just about any question if it doesn't have to do with Algebra!

Mrs. B., I'm pretty sure those shoes would make us skip!

Kristi, thanks for including me.

Rebecca, I have a daughter that affectionately started to call me Molly years ago. I guess it fit.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

this was a total fun read..loved reading your answers