Tuesday, July 31

Sheba in June

Sheba loves the rugs I make.  She is happy as a bug when she is asleep on one of them.  But she chews them up.  I put all of my rugs up....until she quits teething.  I have an old t-shirt by the cabinet she likes to sleep by.  There used to be a rug there........and I would tell her to get ON HER RUG so she could have some ice.  Today I told her to get on her rug and she wouldn't do it........of course not, she knew it was a t-shirt.

I have a pink rag rug in our bedroom.  She LOVES to curl up on it even though it is very small.  She chews on it, too.  I slid that rug under our bed to *save* it from her.  I didn't think she saw me do it.
Well, the other morning I came into the bedroom to tell my husband something and SOmeTHinG came out from underneath the bed and scared me good.........it was SHEBA.  She crawled under our bed so she could be on the rug.  Our bed is low....and she is high.  When she gets to be a big girl, I will make her a rug.


Dee said...

Sheba is determined and smart.:)

Mrs. B said...

She sure is cute!--Which is probably a good thing, huh? ;o)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Husband took her to the vet on Monday. They predict she might weigh 70 pounds fully grown.
It will have to be a HUGE rug~