Sunday, July 8

Last Day at Sulphur Springs

 This is the ric-rac I bought at Canton.  I figured while I had time, that I should go through all of it and make it nice.  I hate loose ends, and these all had plenty.  I love to add ric-rac to different things I make......just a nice little punch.

So, I discovered that I had a rainbow of ric-rac.  Packages of fun.  Colorful ripples.

This was Friday morning.  Such fun to go see what the lake and the sky looked like morning, noon, and night!

I worked on cutting, tying, and rolling fabric, almost all day long.  I brought a huge bag full of fabric with hopes that I would finish it.  I did.  

My husband rolled and tied a few balls.....he let me win a race so I could choose where we ate that night.  I did NOT want to be camp cook, so we went into town.  Before we went into town, we drove around the park and listened to small town radio.  They were broadcasting their high school graduation and we got to listen to two graduates make a speech.  The first one, which was a girl, had your run of the mill talk.  Reach for the stars, realize your possibilities, be thankful for your parents and teachers......The second was a young man that came from Mexico, became a CITIZEN, knew NOT one word of English, was dropped into an English speaking school...........outdid most of his class mates in every subject......I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes.  HE learned English and pushed himself to excellence. Evidently no whining was allowed in his home.  It did him well.

If you are ever in Sulphur at this Pizza Inn buffet.  You won't be sorry.

Saturday morning when we were leaving, a couple of rabbits hopped by, to say good-bye.

Good-bye changing sky and water.

Texas Roadhouse.  Last meal.  Before reality.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE rick rack!

And that sky in the second to last pic is BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE the pic of you too.....

Grammie Kim said...

I told that bunny you were going to be there, and to see you off. ;)

I am super impressed with your rag rolling. wow!

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

What a nice vacation yall had... and a great ric rac score! :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Ric-Rac Rabbit.......maybe I should write a book?

Dee said...

I love the smile of accomplishment you have with your rag rolling.Your ric-rac reminds me of the homemade dresses my mom use to make me as a little girl...they always had a little ric-rac on them someplace.