Tuesday, July 10

Just Desserts

So, Kimberly goes and buys a cupcake recipe book at the airport.
She had a long layover.....so this is how she amused herself.
I couldn't believe it.
500 Cupcakes by Fergal somebunny.
It's not 500 actual recipes, there are variations
you can choose from.
She wants to make every one of them.
I say, do the FENNEL ones, very last of all.

A recipe gets chosen....she bakes them,
then passes them out to family members for grading.
Appearance and Taste
First were the apple ones.
They were kind of a breakfast muffin, not really a cupcake.
Then came the strawberry ones. 
My husband chose these.
So far, but not very far, neither has been what we call a
My choice is next......chocolate mud.
The outside of course is chocolate, no frosting....
but there should be a very soft center.....
that will ooze chocolate.

I have never enjoyed cupcakes.
I also do not enjoy sour candy, raspberries or tea.
But I am a Happy Camper 98% of the time.....so it hasn't ruined my life.

All of that brings me to this:

Say you are in DESSERT PALACE and Bill Gates is paying.
What would you choose?
mile high strawberry fluff?
carrot cake with luscious cream cheese frosting?
monster brownie?
raspberry shortcake?
banana pie?
three cookies with HUGE raisins?
mocha cheesecake?
8 layer chocolate cake?

I'll have the

5 Layer Chocolate Cheesecake

the one with no caramel or raspberry swirls....
and a cup of coffee please
with heavy cream. 

What will you have?


Dee said...

I'll join you with that 5 layer chocolate cheese cake...:)

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

I am not a fan of the cupcake either... too much portion control. And, well, if I could ONLY choose ONE dessert... french silk pie

Heather McEntire said...

maybe a real double chocolate silk mousse.
with real whip cream.
and a mint leaf.

but i'm not picky.

Rebecca said...

No mousse for me - might as well eat air! I think I'd be happy with a piece just like yours. And hold the cream with my coffee, please.