Thursday, July 5


First Monday in Canton....
starts on a Thursday and ends on Sunday.
I guess it all started with hogs and dogs.
Trading and selling.
How about a trade?  My faithful dog for your gun?
poor dog
These statues are in the entrance of the shopping paradise.

We've heard about this place and have wanted to go for years.
It finally worked out so we could.
I asked for something decaff.
All their decaff. drinks were plain Jane, so I ordered something else.
Fire and Ice.
I figured if I was going to have caffeine, I might as well enjoy it.
I did.
This is the only time we sat down all day.....we shopped from 9 till about 4:30.
Adrenaline that help you shop is a dandy thing!

The place was massive.  There were degrees of products.
Inside the air conditioned part, things were fancy and rather pricey.
The closer you got to outside, the warmer it got, and prices and items changed.
A little less fluff.

The more we walked, the more things became interesting.
The kinds of things we really enjoyed.
Old objects without names.....or reason.
Better than a museum because you could BUY the stuff if you brought enough money.
I actually thought I wouldn't find very many things.
Well, I did.

If you live in the area and are looking for a place to shop and buy all SORTS of things,
go to Canton, Texas.  

My opinion about trading a dog for a gun did not change.
I may have been tired when we left, 
but I still had feelings.

We bought a quilt for there was a cool front coming in that night.
We were very glad for it.
I bought all of this ric-rac for $1.25 a bag (four bags).....and I will enjoy every inch of it.

I got a little aluminum container with a sliding lid.  It's still empty.  I might use it for camping.
I got the little roaster for a dollar.  Now all I need is a small Christmas Goose.
I loved this lid....the color and the holes.
Underneath the lid is an enamel container with a lid.
It's got crafty things in it.
I love those things.

We got Lydia a noodle scooper spoon.
I got my friend the white plastic knife, and the real knife on the bottom.
Her and I both stir our coffee with knives.  We agree that they are easier to wash than a spoon.
I got a neat little spatula.....a banana cutter and a few little *tag* gift pictures for a couple of people.
We got Kimberly some little ingredient know,
the kind Martha Stewart uses on her show.
It IS always a good idea to have your ingredients ready and measured before you start a recipe.
Kim loved them.
Sooooooo, we ended up getting the girls presents from a kitchen store.
Something useful.
And no, the banana slicer is not useful, just fun.

To the left is a little game.  It has wooden pieces and you have to slide them around
in the box to make a pattern.  Those kinds of things drive me crazy,
but I like to have them around the house for our *thinking* friends.
To the right is a SWEET little , uh, it's a........
I don't know what it is.
I have it hung on my kitchen wall, it goes perfect with the yellow paint.

I bought these two fabric pieces.....the one on the right is enough to make a dress.

I got Lydia a fun little bracelet....and we got the bell from one of those shops that employ people in 
3rd world countries.  I wish I had bought a cloth head-band from this place.
I didn't, so now I have to find a pattern and try to make one.
All the bells made their own sound, it was hard to choose.

I always try to be a happy camper, even when we're not camping.

James got these fun signs for his garage.

This ring is the first thing I was from $$ my husband
had given me for Mother's Day.
I love silver rings.
I love rings.

So, this ended our day at Canton.
We ate pizza for supper.
Slept like a bug in a rug.
A cool front did come in that night.
It was wonderful.


Rebecca said...

My kind of day! Sounds like fun. And I'd trade a dog OR a gun for One. Cool. Night. Yes, I would.

Dee said...

What a fun day at canton. Love those signs ....ending the day with pizza and a cool night to could things get any better.

Grammie Kim said... much fun! I learned about Canton when Bek told me that Bro. John E. goes over there frequently. Did you see him???

Grammie Kim said...

...oh, and I love love love the ring...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Didn't see Brother E.....but I can understand why he would hang out there!