Sunday, June 24

Jolly Kitty

We got Jolly when she was sort of a teen-ager.
She wasn't full grown, and she wasn't a kitten.

She hadn't even grown into her ears yet.
*Thor* said we could get another inside cat.
She was a birthday present to Olivia.

Lydia spent the most time with her though.

Jolly said and did lots of silly things,
but she was always sorry.

She never has figured out what we did with the old kitchen....

She was a very big part of our lives since she was 
an inside cat.

She really didn't hate other cats...
she just didn't want them on her windowsill.
So she chewed at their ears.

She liked to play games.

Climb high places....
and not come down.

She was always looking outside.
She wanted to catch a bird.
Climb a tree.
Run around the back yard.

So we put her outside, and then she wanted back in.
I told her she made her decision and couldn't change her mind.

Most of the time she was OK with that.
Sometimes she wasn't.


When you have a pet.....
you never know.....
when it will be...
the last time....
you see them.

We haven't seen Jolly for almost two weeks.
I don't think she is coming back.
It hurts to lose a pet.

We will never know for sure what happened to Jolly.
She is just gone.



So sorry to hear that Jolly is missing. But I do remember after we had given up hope, over two weeks, on Rhett, coming home. I was outside one morning and didn't hear a thing and before I knew it something was licking on my hand, It was Rhett. So, maybe just maybe, Jolly will come home. Hope so. grandma

Humble wife said...


We recently lost our female dog. She got out during a rainstorm and was hit and killed. As with most likely everyone, I understand and pray you are comforted in knowing that His creature was such a delight in your lives even for such a small bit of time!


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry. Clearly she had quite the personality!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your sweet kitty.....But maybe she will still come back, I sure hope so....

Jersey Mama said...

I'm sorry :(

Sara said...

A good cat. She will be missed.

Grammie Kim said...

sniff...snifff! Did she follow you on your anniversary vacation???


Rosemary said...

I am sorry your kitty has been gone for two weeks. Pets are dear to our hearts, for sure.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

She could still turn up.....but I doubt she does.

Dee said...

It is not uncommon for a cat to disappear for a few weeks and then come home with scratches and an ear bitten from a wonderful time roaming the wild. I pray the best for her.