Sunday, June 10

Part 1, Camping

We left early on Monday morning.
Memorial Day.
Our 30th wedding anniversary.
This is the Buc-ees in Madisonville.
It is massive.
The place SWARMS with customers.
We always stop............sometimes
for coffee, a picture, sometimes for a gift.

This is Sam's in Fairfield.
It is a country style buffet.
It is delicious, busy, clean, fun.
If you're ever in the area,
it's worth stopping.
Plan ahead so you will be hungry.

We got to Cooper Lake, Sulphur Springs side around 3?
It was BAKING hot when we got there.
The ranger? told us everybunny liked spot #7.
We didn't.
We took #20.
I wish we would have known it was haunted.

Here is my bird feeder.
I thought this up all by myself.
Too bad it didn't work.
(Other pictures later.)
It's always nice to try to attract birds when we camp.
There were lots of cardinals and a few blue-jays.
Nothing to write home about.

We were really close to the lake.
So close, that the night it stormed,
 it sounded like we were at the ocean.

Such a pretty sight.


Rebecca said...


...and what a great idea - attracting yourselves some birds! We don't feed the birds here at home, but they sure SING! Nothing exotic or unusual. I think they like the berries that grow on some of our trees and the wild strawberries that are like ground cover in one of our flower beds.

I like the view from #20, by the way.

Grammie Kim said...

So your camping trip was nice in pictures. I am trying to figure out what to write about my trip. I am pretty sure I am not motivated to be as good at blogging as you or my girls, so I am hesitant...sigh

Mrs. Mobunny said...

My Camping Trip was quite interrupted by my Summer Complaint.....I do want to finish it up....