Saturday, June 9

*I* have the buttons!

Button! Button!
Who has the Button?

This was an early birthday present
 from my Bosom Buddy.
My friend of over 30 years.
She saw these at a sale....
and KNEW
I would love them.
She was right. 
Somebunny collected these beautiful
old buttons,
then sewed them on a
piece of cardboard.
I am not going to leave them this way.
I will have to get some 
*button display*

Every time I look at them,
I choose a new favorite!


Rebecca said...

Now THAT'S some "Bosum Buddy"! Those buttons are quite the find. Just how many ARE there anyhow???

Mrs. Mobunny said...

seventy-two !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee said...

The buttons are great...what a good friend. They look good put into shadow boxes and hung on the wall.

Sara said...

Did I see a cameo button!!?? I love it! Can you please put it on something special for me!? Please!!

Grammie Kim said...

hahaha...Sara claiming your buttons!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Silly Wabbit.