Monday, June 11

Camping Camping

We went to Sulphur Springs to get a few
campy groceries.
This is the courthouse in their town square.
We enjoyed their Mayberry RFD small town type radio
station the whole time we were there.
We saw men working around this building on sidewalks.....
seems like they had lots of trouble underground.
We heard it on the radio.

I bought three sticks of incense...
the biggest ones I have seen in my life.
I used the *sink* for the holder!

We took a hike on Tuesday morning.
It was five miles round trip.
We walked a little over three.
My husband could have done all of it,
but I wore out quickly.
I am horribly out of shape.

Poison ivy, bridges, tree roots, pretty little flowers, 
confusing signs.
All part of a Texas State Park


Dee said...

Relax and enjoy your time all looks so peaceful.

ancient one said...

Have fun!

Rebecca said...

Interesting sights and signs :)
I wouldn't have completed the 5 miles either - primarily 'cause of the uneven path. I'm just no good at that anymore - it's a knee issue.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

It's a whole body issue with me....