Our new pooch.  Sheba.
She's a Labrador...........a Lab/German Shepard mix.
We got her at a really good price.  

I have secretly been wanting another dog.
A big dog.
Lydia has been vocal about wanting another dog.
A big dog.
James hasn't said much.
Until I said there were some dogs offered locally..........
that fit what he would like.
So, we got her.

As you see, as a pup less than two months old,
she is already bigger than Bunny.
But Bunny has something Sheba doesn't have.


We're excited for her to grow up.
I personally can't wait for her to be house trained.

She sleeps a lot because she is just a baby.
Right now she is asleep under the couch.
It won't be long before she can't fit under the couch.
But Bunny can.
That way, Bunny will always have a place to 
run, when Sheba DOES get big.

She's pretty cute.
She cries at night.
Potties on the floor.
Bites Bunny's collar.
Spills water.

She is already a great hunter.
Look at what she found.

I think she needs a chew toy.
And a velvet collar.
With diamonds.


we decided we needed a big dog, too.
where did you get her?
Mrs. Mobunny said…
The FB Brazoria County beg borrow trade sell - board.
Long Family said…
She is very cute, I know Bunny must be every annoyed...
Dee said…
Sheba is a beauty. Years ago we had a lab and Shepard mix. They are very family orientated and will guard your property with their life.
Anonymous said…
ADORABLE!!! I have one word for you with regards to house-training....SCHEDULE. Schedule water, schedule food, schedule potty time. It is a major PAIN, but it works! :o)
Mrs. Mobunny said…
She is a little leaky.........she needs lots of work!
Kari said…
She's adorable! I want one but don't know about having another "child" in the house to train. Congrats!! :)
Anonymous said…
Michele, Sheba has beautiful blue eyes, Autumn would love this dog, she has always wanted a german shepard, that will be the smart part of the dog...a lab is a dog that is D..B, you fill in the other 2 letters. So I am going to try and send you a dog training book here soon. Like the other Michele says, SCHEDULE!!You CANNOT let her have free run of the house right now, cause when she piddles she will train into that. Keep her in a cornered gated area and take her out every 30min. to podie, set a timer,everyone help!!Show her more attention outside and while she is in the gated area. I wish you luck! is she going to be a inside or all outside dog? Kristi
Mrs. Mobunny said…
Sheba is an inside dog, only goes out to romp and potty.
Rene' said…
Mrs. Mo, she is adorable!!!
I agree with the schedule idea. Bailey is 9 weeks old now and is well on her way to being house trained. We take her out after every nap, even the small ones. Also a few minutes after she eats. She sleeps in a crate at night and finally doesn't whine anymore during the night to go out.

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