Thursday, May 3

The poppies are still blooming.
I can't seem to gather any seeds from the spent blooms.
I hope to find some seeds for *blue* poppies for next year.

This is a isn't a great picture,
but I wanted to show the variation in color.
This one is whitish lavender with a light purple.
I love to see the different colors that pop
up in my gardens.

I had one of these plants last year.
I still don't know what they are for sure.
One plant makes a HUGE bouquet.
Aren't they a pretty color?

More larkspur color variation.

Day lilies aren't my favorite.......
we had these growing up in our yard
in Seward, Kansas.
My mom had all sorts of flowers in the yard.
On the North side of our house was a bed of pinkish purple phlox.
They're gone now.

The new yard art.
I can't really fill them with bird-seed
because the seed will
fall on the ground and cause all sorts of
weird grasses to grow.
Not really something I want in my flower gardens.
They're empty right now.
This proves you can enjoy


Rebecca said...

The larkspur is gorgeous. And I had the name of the unidentified flower on the "tip of my tongue" and now it's gone!

I think you should do a WHOLE post on "enjoying empty"! (If YOU don't, I might!)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

You can do the *enjoying empty* thought....I'll like to see what you have to say on it.
Is that purple flower "PINCUSHION"

Karen said...

Love the pretty flowers!!!
Love the adorable puppy!!!
We have a lab/shepherd mix.
Hope you are feeling better!!!

ancient one said...

For some reason I cannot grow red poppies... Yours are beautiful!!