Saturday, May 26

One Day At the Beach

One day at the beach, it wasn't so pretty.  We don't go *all* the time, so when we do, I kind of look forward to pretty sand, a few rocks and lots of shells.

This particular day was not such a great day to go.  We literally could NOT get to the water.  Mounds and mounds of seaweed stood between us and the ocean.  More was floating in.  It was really kind of strange.
The seaweed was stopping the water at a point.  At a point I had never seen before.

We always find ourselves talking about how the people in the mountains would like to live by the ocean, people in Kansas might like to live in a bustling city, people in a bustling city might want to live in a little rural town, people in a little rural town wish they lived in California.
 There is beauty wherever you live.
 Find it. Take pictures of it.  Enjoy it.
 It's O.K. to like mountains if you live on flat prairie land.......but don't let it make you restless and unhappy.  The *ocean*beach*shore* that some people would love to live by, sometimes isn't that great at all.
 Don't ever move to get away from problems.
 You will make new ones where you move, and your old ones will follow you.


Heather McEntire said...

what is that last picture?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

A barnacle-bill , board.

Rebecca said...

I was going to ask the same question as above!

I love your simple and to-the-point advice.

Sorry about the State of the Beach!

Rebecca said...

Not that I could have done anything about it (the beach, I mean).

Heather McEntire said...

I agree with Rebecca - good advice, mo.

Cindy Rogers said...

I have never seen the beach with that much seaweed before and I lived by the beach most of my growing up years and loved it! Wonder what caused so much? Love your pictures! I am thankful that we are not so far from the beach here that we can drive down there from time to time. The smell of salt water...home!

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Looks like the beaches when we lived in Corpus minus the blue jelly fish and the tar balls. As always love your words of wisdom. Miss the salty air and the walks on the bayfront but not enough to want to move back down there. ;)

Dee said...

It is true the grass is not always greener on the other side :) I agree that we can find beauty where ever we are.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Moving to the mountains won't make you happy. *Content* is the place to be. (I'm not always there by the way.)