Friday, May 25

a letter to a friend

Dear -------------,
I have been fine....and I do want to blog....and write letters and look through quote books.  It just isn't happening right now.
Everything that keeps me busy is good, so I can't complain.
I am selling items on our local Brazoria County FACEBOOK site, giving dog baths, pulling weeds, moving things in my gardens, de-cluttering, driving Kimberly back and forth to work, sewing skirts, making rag rugs, eating corn on the cob, going camping in the rain, talking to my mom on the phone, texting pictures now that my phone is working again, watching Leave It To Beaver, ordering Croc shoes, waiting for Croc shoes in the mail, making music cd's, getting Sunday School lessons ready........thinking of WHAT to take to church to eat when we have all day services.  (you know I only have a kitchen because it came with the house)
I guess I have to have a window of peace and quiet to write blogs and read blogs!  
I'm getting my hair cut today, and my eyebrows waxed, they are really unruly.  (thanks dad)  The girls and I will go to the store to get them some goodies to eat while we are gone.   We have farmed Lydia out to friends and family during the day.  Two women asked to have her the whole week........but they don't want SHEBA so Lydia's time with them is carefully planned out.
James and I will be driving to Sulpher Springs by Dallas to spend the week at Cooper's a screened shelter.  And no, it doesn't have A.C..  Texas Park screened shelters have a plug in and a light bulb in the ceiling fixture.  That's it.
But my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to camp.  We like to read, sit by the water, doze, take walks, drive around the area, drive to other parks.....(eat ice cream)......and we get to go to CANTON!  to SHOP!  It is the flea market of all flea markets.........junking thrift stores in little is very popular and we've never been.  I can't wait.  I hope to find some yard something that has to do with rain.....rain bells?
I also take along my craft box!  I will be crocheting key-chains.....and I have a HUGE bag of fabric I will tear into strips and wind into balls.  When I get home, the *fabric* will be ready to crochet into rugs.  
I don't enjoy reading so much these *MY* reading in the lawn chair might be just going through old Martha Stewart magazines.  My bi-focals have not been my friend when it comes to reading.  
My gardens are going crazy.  I have lettuce falling out of an old water cooler.....a HUGE zucchini plant in the back yard, great big marigolds fixing to bloom, a monster tomato plant in the Side Garden, a peach colored rose blooming in the 24 Hour Garden......zinnias in the Spider Tree Garden.............we've had so much rain, I feel a little small when I go outside to *garden*.
We sold the old black piano the girls learned how to play on.............Kimberly bought a piano for the church but it made too small of a sound, so we are going to try to get it home this week-end so she can play..........I hope it fits on the other wall in our front room.  Having a hulky bulky piano limits what you can do with front room furniture.
Well, have a nice hoppy day.
Love Michele


Rebecca said...

I ♥ your busy life :) See, you wrote a perfectly FINE blog post!

Kari said...

WOW! And I thought I was busy....Have a great time camping and take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to get an update from you, sounds like lots of fun things are keeping you busy.

Your blog looks very nice too! The soft blues are very soothing and relaxing. :o)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I am happily busy.

ancient one said...

Loved the letter. I still love to read. :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I think I need new glasses.......or new eyes.

Dee said...

You are in a good kind of busy...have fun camping. :)

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

What did you think of First Monday? I hope you found your rainbells. Busy-busy is a good thing. I honestly enjoy it. Don't know if you're after a certain style/color Croc but Big Lots carries Crocs, the real deal, for surprisingly cheap.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Shopping in Canton was .... was.... massive. Got my Candace Crocs in the mail. I love them....and I will check our Big Lots.