Wednesday, May 9

Glimpses of Lydia

Aren't these lovely flip-flops.  NO-bunny would EVER guess where I got them.
I was fixing to get rid of them..........but gave them to Lydia instead.  I didn't know she had polish that
matched.  I should have known.

I took a picture of Taco Bell.  I missed her.

Her new hair cut...........she just had a little taken off the bottom, some new layers and different bangs.
(I hate bangs)

Lydia and Bunny.


Michele said...

I LOVE her hair, it's gorgeous. And she and Bunny look so sweet cuddling together.

I've had bangs my entire life. I've tried a few times to grow them out, but my forehead is high and I just don't like how I look without them.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Lydia loves animals. She is really enjoying Sheba. Bunny sort of is, too.