Tuesday, May 8

Donating Blood

I can't exactly say I've committed for life......
I just have a very strong desire to donate blood.
I started donating about two years ago.
A family friend had some kin that had serious
medical problems, so she had a *Donor Coach*
park outside of her place of business.
I said yes, and I'm glad I did.

I used to see the coaches all around town,
and even be aware that people 
blood, and that some donated.
But not ME.
It's because I didn't understand.

Now I am sorry that I didn't make an effort to 
donate all these years when I could have.  
I know I have a clean bill of health and 
donate, so I should.
I'd say about anywhere in America, 
you can locate a coach or donor center.
Google something for your area.
Give it a try.
Even if you live in the middle of nowhere.

(I get a *mini* check-up every time I donate.....
and best of all,
they give me my cholesterol numbers.
The last time the numbers were great.
This time, I was ashamed.
I have some work to do........)

I schedule appointments online.
That way I don't get calls when I'm not prepared to know
which is the best day for me to donate.
It also gives me a chance to schedule way ahead of time and 
secure the place I want to give it.
Like right up the street in the library or police department parking lot!

Follow their directions.
When they tell you to eat a 
meal and drink lots of liquid beforehand,
they are not kidding.
Take it easy afterwards.....
and maybe even plan for somebunny to drive you there and back.

After you donate.....you might think of my favorite quote from 

"See, that wasn't so bad."


joy said...

this is a great PSA to get people to go out and donate!

when we were in college, we used to go to the blood bank and they would give us coupons for free ice cream! "Give a pint, get a pint." LOL.

unfortunately, they have changed the rules since then, and the last time i tried to donate, they were not taking blood from anyone who had lived in Europe during a specific period of time. Mad cow disease? :o)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have gotten a pint for a pint....this time I got a cookie (from the mall) for a pint!
I ordered a t-shirt with my points.....I've never been out of the country to be exposed to mad cows....so I'm good to give!

Kari said...

I started donating right after 911 but haven't done so since I've had children. I think it's because the last time I went they couldn't find the vein...something about digging around for it, pulling the needle in and out. I always watch because I'm fascinated with the process but that time I sighed so heavily the nurse standing by asked if I was going to pass out. That was the first and only time that's ever happened and I'm inspired to go find a place to give now. Thanks!! :)

rebekahdawn said...

This is something I've really wanted to do for a long time. Like years. But somehow never have gotten around to. I didn't know you could schedule online. I'll look into it.

Dee said...

It is a good thing to give blood and sign up for organ donation. We never know when we or a loved one will be in need. It is a good feeling knowing we are helping someone with a chance at life.