Saturday, May 5

Chicken Wire

The screen on our screen door didn't last very long.  The cats LOVED to crawl on it and let me know that they wanted IN, or FED.  There's hasn't been a screen on the top part all winter.  

When it was cool out, I of course like the door to be open.  Jolly liked the door to be opened, too.
She jumped in and out of the house randomly.  I found her lounging on the back of the love-seat one morning.  Like she thought she belonged there.  Jolly isn't the only guilty party.....Zephyr would also sit in the door (where there should have been a screen) and look at me through the kitchen window.  
"Excuse me.  When are we eating?"

James fixed the screen door with chicken wire.  The first few days, Jolly just stared at it in amazement.  I think she was shaken.  She seems to have accepted the fact now.    No more in and out for her.  


Heather McEntire said...

poor jolly.
she's SO unloved.
SO unfed.

Anonymous said...

SO chicken wire was a good idea! we want to make a screen door to keep our cat in the basement while we are gone, it would be at the top of the stairs, where she can look out, but can't get out, but we still have circulation for the basement.Kristi