Monday, April 23

Our Doorway Deco

The rusty wire baskets on the left, remind me of being
a kid going to the swimming pool.
They put your *dry* clothes in a basket with a number on it...
and a pin with the same number.
You better not lose the pin.
The old water cooler makes me think of pictures I have 
seen of family reunions at a park.
Family reunions I didn't go to because
I wasn't born yet.
The old mop bucket was given to me by a friend
in a church we used to be a member of.
I used it so much with a real mop,
that the wooden part wore out 
and wouldn't hold the screw anymore.
I still miss using that bucket.
I just planted some Ice Plant from my mom's garden
in it.  I hope it grows and grows.
I love little gas heaters.
We had a propane heater in the basement in the house
I grew up in.
The heat would rise to the rest of the house.
I thought everybody had a basement with a
propane heater in it.....
I thought that until I moved to Texas.
A state not famous for basements.


Rebecca said...

What an assortment of objects and memories! Great doorway decor :)

Grammie Kim said...

HEy, I remember having a water cooler like that when I was a kid!
And I guess you were surprised when there weren't many heaters to go with those missing basements.