Saturday, April 28

Good Book

The book is called : A Very Small Farm.  If you are looking for a good book to read, buy this one or check it out at your library.  It was a very pleasant read.  I like to read about what others do and enjoy.  I like to read diaries and journals, but especially this ....a memoir....... he is a very good writer and you can almost feel the wind in his trees, and smell his breakfast cooking!!!

I especially liked this cannot ask somebody to build you a farm.  It just happens a little at a time.  Kind of like a flower garden.....a real flower garden.  Not one that you measured, bought perfect boards for, bought fill dirt and sand, bought four plants already blooming, placed them in the garden, then surrounded them by mulch out of a bag.  You could do a farm like that, too, but it just isn't the same as a farm emerging over the years.  You can buy a gate, but I want to hear it squeak.  You can build a barn, but I want to see some chipped paint!  You can put gravel on a lane, but I want to pass under some old trees on that lane.  

A real farm has soft edges.....and memories.


Pen Pen said...

looks like a good read; my son wants to have his own family farm one day; he would prob. enjoy this one.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

It might make a good present! There is one chapter in it that totally floored me........I still can't get over it. And no, I'm not telling anybunny what it is.

Dee said...

I also love to read diaries and journals...I guess that may be why I like to read blogs...they are a type of journal. I will look for the book.Thank you for sharing.