Thursday, April 12

Doing For Others

A Closing Thought

Did you ever stop to think
What makes a day seem bright?

It isn't just the bright sunshine,
Though, of course, that helps, all right.

It's not just meeting friends you like,
Exchanging news and jokes;

No, sir, it's the little thoughtful things
You've done for other folks.

Clara Holm


Dee said...

A beautiful and enjoyable your flower photography..especially one and two.

Grammie Kim said...

Your little thoughtful gifts, usually handmade, are scattered throughout my home and also the homes of my children. I love them...they make me think of you even more often than I do. I am wearing a jumper right now that you made for me.
Even my grandbabies have your thoughtfulness in their lives. McKinley has one of your small round coaster-size crocheted is in her play kitchen, and she uses it for her pot holder/washcloth. She knows it was from Mrs. Mo. My little Lucy plays with a Taggie toy.
I can proclaim that you practice what you share in this post.
...and I love you for it...

I ♥ MY MO!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Well thank you Kim.......and Dee.

Sandra said...

I totally agree. When I get the opportunity to do even the smallest thing for someone else, it makes my whole day!