Wednesday, April 4

ABC's #15


Your first hour.
Your first hour will dictate what sort of a day you will have.

How about this quote?
He who rises late will trot all day.

Late is relative depending on what season of life you're in.

Our culture has made it easy to stay up all hours of the night.  Wal-Mart is open 24 hours, fast food places have a drive-thru 24/7, video games, face-book, twittering, a million piped in movies and shows from different avenues.......the things we plug in and turn on make it seem like day, all night long.  Things keep us up.  Then we can't GET up.

Do you rise at a reasonable time considering your season of life?  Do you keep late hours and eat up half of your day in bed?
(or couch)

News Flash: if you put your kids to bed early, they will get up early....if you go to bed late and wish to sleep late, it won't work out

  I have to make a disclaimer here.....of COURSE moms of littles will have nights of fevers, croups, coughs, storms, tummy aches and sniffles.....and be tired the next day.  I am not speaking of those nights.  Everybunny has bad nights.  Even old people.  I am speaking of ON purpose staying up late and dragging around the next day.

I must admit, I am not a night-owl.  I have never gotten things done at night. Our house is creepy at night.  I am a morning person, so I am going to say three cheers for getting up early.  We used to have six kids.  If I did not get up before they did.....I trotted all day.  We home-schooled.  I could not afford to have my kids  get ME up.

There are things that should get you out of bed in a timely fashion every morning.....and there are things that tempt you to stay up all night.  You have to look at both and decide which needs your best and full attention.

Just don't say you can't read your Bible because of the daily uproar.  There ARE quiet times in any house.  You have to get up earlier than the noise-makers.  Your first hour is very important.


Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! Another great one Mrs. Mobunny....This is something I've been working on. I don't have children or anyone who really *needs* me to get up early. But I still think it is a profitable habit to acquire so I'm working on it and doing better. :o)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I like to think back....and dream that I have always gotten up with purpose and energy......for there has always been LOTS to do!!

Rebecca said...

Would it surprise you to know that I am a morning person, too?????