Tuesday, April 3

#14 ABC's W&X


Yes, Washington.
George Washington.
His home was Mt. Vernon.
I've been there three or four times.
I read about how they cleaned the house.
So now when I clean like they said, I call it the
Mt. Vernon Method.  Remember, it's where George
Washington lived.  If you ever get the chance to go, do it.

The Mount Vernon method is to clean ONE room at a time, totally, before going on to another room.  Let me just say, I have come in contact with some crazy cleaning in my times.
Let's say you want to do all the floors in the whole house.  From my experience, every time you move something to clean under it, it causes a sort of negative domino affect.  You have to clean the object, decide if you want it, clean the stuff in the object, find a place for it, then do the same with everything else in the whole house that happens to be touching the floor.  That's a lot of stuff and a  lot of upheaval.

If you do one room at a time, you are prepared to move things, clean things, de-clutter and thin out.  You are on purpose touching and cleaning every single thing in the room.  It's easier to concentrate on one room, it doesn't make such of a huge mess and your job is cut out for you.  It's clear.  FINISH THIS ROOM.

Do a small room first, like maybe a wash room or bathroom.  Don't tackle the front room that houses 12 bookshelves and piles of stuff........do an easy room to get the hang of it.

Prepare a place to put things that you are getting rid of.  This is the biggest thing.  Have good rags, paper towels, trash cans and boxes prepared.  Go through every drawer, every cabinet, wash the rugs and curtains, replace things you have money for, GET RID OF THINGS you do not like or have a use for, organize as you go, clean the ceiling fans, the walls, the floor and windows, look through every single thing and make a decision about it.  It stays. It goes.  Do all the little things, big things, dust, clear out......leave nothing undone.  If it helps, make a list of things that need to be done.  Usually the one room at a time method speaks for itself.

You'll be done in no time at all!  I tend to piddle and be misdirected and HONESTLY find myself going down rabbit trails physically, not just in my mind.  I can be working on school and find myself outside planting radishes in the cinder-block garden.  Working on ONE thing helps me stay focused.

Cleaning this way has its rewards.  When that one room is done, you can SEE progress.  Now that you have that one room all spiffy, make sure it stays that way.  Don't let things pile up again in this room.  Now that it's all nice, it could just be a joy to go into and take a few minutes every day to keep it looking in tip-top shape.



Always do x-tra.

When you wash a load of sheets, wash a doily or two.

When you're walking out to your clothes line, and you pass your flower bed....pick some weeds.  Your flowers will thank you.

On your way to get the mail, shake a rug.

If you should happen to be out shopping, always put extra money in the meter.....

Don't ever just buy ONE seed packet.  Plant extra seeds in all different places.  They each will get different sun light and water.....some will do good and some won't.  Always plant extra, so you will be sure to have a few!
Don't just buy ONE stamp when you go to the post office.  You know you will need more than that later.
Always make a double batch of biscuits, bread and cookies.  Most food will freeze and it sure is nice to have some things like that on hand.
My mom never threw a napkin or paper towel away without wiping something else off with it. She always did something extra.  :)
If you're doing dishes and it's a slow day, use some of that time to wipe off your kitchen cabinets.
Always be on the look out for things that can be doubled up...........if you're heading that direction anyway, FEED THE CATS.


Rebecca said...

I need to "feed the cats" more often! These were really helpful hints. I know most of them - but would be happier and more productive if I actually practiced them!

Anonymous said...

I like this.
Since this is W and X, I'm guessing I have an entire alphabet of tips to catch up on?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you were going to do with 'X', very clever!

I hear you on doing 'X'tra....that's how I organize my kitchen cabinets and drawers. While I'm cooking and waiting on something to finish, but don't want to walk away, I'll clean out/organize/wipe-out a drawer or a cabinet. Then it always stays relatively clean and I never have the big task of taking EVERYTHING out of my kitchen cabinets at one time for a big cleaning job.

I have REALLY enjoyed this series and am kind of sorry to see it come to an end.

Oh and your blog header is very pretty!.....But your background makes me feel cold when I look at it, brrrrr..... LOL! ;o)

ancient one said...

Me too Rebecca... I'd rather read about cleaning than actually do it..LOL

Dee said...

You are one very organized and proud homemaker. I really enjoy reading your posts...my home is much cleaner now :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Yes Rebekah.....it all started with *A*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``

Thanks for all your nice comments. I just know that we can all be snowballed by housework, and I also know how nice it can be, when things are *nice*.

Heather McEntire said...

........which is why Mobunny has the fattest cats in Texas.

Kari said...

I've been to Mt. Vernon, too! Loved it...and I have loved reading your ABC's. There have been so many helpful tips. Thank you!