Thursday, March 8

Part 3 ABC's of Cleaning


Fifteen Minutes.  Do you realize how much you can get done in fifteen minutes?  LOTS.  Set the timer and clean and pick up solid for fifteen minutes.  Keep moving, don't stop, be in a tizzy, Go from room to room and be a domestic wind-storm of cleaning.

 You can shake rugs, dust the tv, feed the cats, hose out the trash can, sort laundry, dust the top of the freezer, wipe off the table, pull the cushions off the couch and find hidden and lost toys, sweep under the bed, dust pictures in the hall, wipe chair legs off, take library books to the car, make ice and put up a crock-pot.

Use your other minutes wisely.....if you are fixing to go somewhere and everybody is ready.....use the last few minutes to get things done. There are always a few 8 minute jobs just waiting for attention.  Don't just sit on the couch.....clear off a table, take the trash out....if you're going to be gone for a while.....spend the last ten minutes making something nicer in the house to come home to.  Train your kids to do this, too.  Don't be the only one *getting stuff done.*

*G* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Give things away.  If you have a place to put things you need to get rid of, it's easier to get rid of things.  You sure don't need another pile in the house to have to go through and stumble over.I have a few places everything goes....... Friends-Charity-Sell.  If I have a place in the garage waiting for those things, the clutter will totally be out of the house and the *stuff* will be going to a place to be useful again.  Maybe you don't have room for three boxes in a garage.....just clearly mark bags and boxes as you go through things.

I take things to SPCA here in town for their thrift store.  (They spay and neuter animals in the area for free.)  I also do Freecycle depending on what I am getting rid of.  I give things to friends, family, church members quite often.    I sell a few things.  A very few things.......since I don't do garage sales anymore, I find myself doing more separating when I am de-cluttering.  I used to just put it all in one place.  On a desk in the the ceiling!!  Never throw anything away that others can use.


Have certain days for certain jobs.  You can go about your life as a house-keeper....and find yourself with a little bit of time for some deep cleaning.  If you have something planned out, you won't waste an afternoon when you intended to clean, but didn't have direction.


Tuesday-School Book Room
Wednesday-Front Room/Dining Room/ Kitchen
Thursday-Sewing Room
Saturday-Back Bedroom

Cover all the rooms in your house and yard if you just gives a little direction.  Surely I'm not the only one that goes in circles and piddles.

Say it's's a great day to do more than just sweep.  I will look at the list and spend time in the School Book Room fixing the games, straightening up Lydia's school shelf, clean Bunny's kennel, go through a cabinet or drawer.

Always look ahead.


Anonymous said...

You are so right!---I am utterly *amazed* by what I can get done in 15 minutes of focused time.

And I don't do garage sales anymore either. They are A LOT of work and I didn't make very much money. If I were to do one I would get 2 or 3 other people together and do one because the most successful garages sales I've ever had were done that way.

Great post!

Dee said...

OK...I am getting off the computer for the next 15 have inspired me. :)

Kari said...

I have so enjoyed reading your ABC's...even if I have not even been able to comment I've been taking notes. Thank you!