Thursday, March 1

don't ever give up

This trailer was made by a man that has knee surgery.
This trailer was made by a man that only HAS one knee.
That's the knee he had surgery on.
His other leg was amputated.
(He had an accident with a gun when he was 16 and has lived in pain ever since.)
He walks with a walker and a cane and sometimes crutches. 
The house he lives in has a little step Up and a little step DOWN to every single room.
Every inch up and down makes a difference when you only have one leg.
All of his *fine* tools are in the basement.
He makes knives and fixes clocks in the basement.
He still mows the yard and drives to a cafe every day for lunch.
He loves to tinker and fix things.
He has crawled to the garage and to his truck to fix things and get places.
This man is my dad.
Don't let a little thing get you down.
If something hurts, do something to take your mind off of it.
Make something.
Be productive.
Don't ever give yourself the luxury of feeling sorry for yourself.
Try harder, even if you have to crawl to do it.


Anonymous said...

What an inspiring post! And excellent advice. :o)

Anonymous said...

i really wish i could go see them....

ancient one said...

Good for your dad!!

~~Deby said...

Great post my friend......