Friday, March 16

ABC's part 6


Learn more.  Be informed.  Google things.  Ask questions.  Find out why.  Read up on it.

I'm thinking we have more information at our fingertips than any other day or time.  We can look up anything we need to know....(and sometimes find out more than we needed to know) less than a minute.  Books are either cheap or free.

(I LOVE this got me interested in houses and their floor plans.  It also reminded me that all the rich people that lived in their big fancy houses weren't necessarily happy. There's more than one way to be rich.)

Think of the things you go through in just a week.......the things we find ourselves involved in are endless.....why not take advantage of learning more about the things that your life is made of?

Bible and care....child-raising.....good and

I'm sure each of you could add more and more things to my short list.  I think being the best we can be includes being informed about the things that are expected out of us as women, mothers, wives, friends and Christians.

I guess I ought to look this up!!  Why is there suds like foam at the beach sometimes? ( I would say this really doesn't matter, but it would be fun to know.)

When was the last time you tried a new recipe?  We had a missionary family over to eat and we had real sandwiches and I grilled cheese sandwiches with strawberry jam.  Everybunny loved them.

Or a new braid for your daughter?

Do you want to attract birds to your yard?

When was the last time you did something crafty?  (and finished it?)

We have the library, books of our own, wiser people than ourselves to get help from, the internet and eyes and ears that will learn if we lean that direction.  Don't live in a fog of never doing anything special or going above where you live to learn more.

 Take the time to learn about the medicine your children take.  Do you have a mulch pile and do you freeze gallons of milk?  Do you use a real popcorn popper or microwave it?  If you home-school, what have you done lately to make things better?  What does a good amount of water each day do for you?  How much is too much caffeine?  Why offer your 5 year old an apple and not a white cracker for a snack?  What should you never feed a rabbit?

When a question comes up, don't dismiss it and go your way. Get an answer, learn something for the good of those around you.  You as a wife and mother ARE the one that is expected to make things better.

 Do your laundry even better, spend money more wisely, sew a little lap quilt, find some verses on being a friend and apply them. Work on things you struggle with.....I do not enjoy cooking like some women do......I find myself doing the minimum of what is expected too many days in a row.  I've found out that hanging sheets on the line doesn't get supper on the table!! I try easy recipes and make sure to remember what my husband calls a *keeper*.

Don't start out with a quilt for a king sized bed.......don't till up the whole back yard to plant cucumbers.....just do little things here and there and those little things will make things better.  We should love to learn.


Make lists.

  I trust nothing to memory now and I didn't when I was young. If you make a list, you can sleep better.  If you have things written down that you need to remember, then you can free your mind up for other things....except of course, for checking your list!

We've had six kids to take on trips and camp-outs and visits and outings.......I counted on my lists.  I had a card for each of the children, the car and the house. (my husband and I, too)
The car list would have things like bottled water and toys.....the house card had things like turn A.C. off and last minute things like our pillows and toothbrushes.  We have gotten a few places and I forgot something, but not very often.

I started at the top of the head then worked down to the feet....shampoo, barrettes, toothbrush.......things in between......then finally socks and shoes.  Knowing those cards were tucked away made it possible for me to have confidence that we would have what we needed.

I have a five or six page list of things we take when we go camping.  One page is food and cooking things, one page is entertainment which might be games or a tape player.  Another page has things from the garage we need....the lantern and the bicycle air pump.I pretty much need and use the same things every time we the list doesn't change much, except for less beds and less food and less towels.  When we get home from camping, I always make a few notes for next time......more bottled water, more cookies or less hot chocolate!

Lists will also help you only bring things you will use......if I need a knife for an onion, I just bring the onion knife!  I think it helps to make the trip nicer and easier because packing isn't going to cause a breakdown!

I have to do lists, grocery lists, menus, chores/jobs cards.......if it is written down somewhere, then chances are you won't make a mistake with a Dr. appointment or not buying laundry soap when you get groceries.

And Merry Christmas!  I keep a running list all year long for presents....if I hear somebody say they'd like something, I write it umbrella?  towels?  a book?

You do have to keep your lists nice and orderly.  Keep your lists where you will see them.....and make sure they're in a safe place....and not all over the place.  A list or cards or notes to yourself will not help if they are not available when you need them.  I use notebooks, note cards and I do love sticky notes!  If something is real important for the morning......I put the note or list on the coffee pot.....I know I will see it there!!


Rebecca said...

Yet more things we have in common!

I LOVE to learn. Sometimes in the evening it's hard to put down the computer and read for relaxation. One thing I HAVE learned about the internet is to be wary and check out the sources THOROUGHLY!

And lists? Lists are my best friends. Couldn't do w/o them!

Heather McEntire said...

why did i come on.....L????????

Lisa said...

I like this post! I am a list person. How many times have I gotten out of a cozey bed at night to make a list because I had things on my mind? Many! Then I was able to go to sleep. I am an information reader, I seldom read fiction, but I love information that will improve things.

Like sunshine in the home said...

I am a list person too, my husband is amused by them. :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

lists -R- good