Friday, March 9

ABC's of Cleaning Part 4

*I* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will take responsibility for the way my home looks.  I will not find things to blame my inability to keep up on things.....on anything except myself.  We all know housekeepers that keep a spotless home, bread in the oven, spices standing at attention in the cupboard, a waxed car in the driveway, nails done, quilts on the line, cloth napkins at supper time, pictures in albums and dated they have more time during the day than we do?  Do they have a hidden maid?  Does nobody in their house make a mess?

NO.  They have learned to manage their time and they are disciplined.  That's all there is to it.  There's nothing magic going on in their home except good old fashioned work.

  Don't ever use the *I don't have time* line, we all have time.  What we should be saying is this, I do not manage the time I have, that's why I can't get things done.  Don't blame it on the clock....or the calender.  Long before computers and facebook and twitter and pinterest, women were not getting their housework done.....but you might want to do what you do with your your jobs first, THEN you can get on the computer.

Right now....could you have company over?  OK, I'll cut you some slack, could your house and yourself be ready in an hour for company?  If not, why not?  I have feelings that seep into my heart and mind sometimes that make me want to blame outside influences on the state of my *house*.  If my house is not in is ME, Myself and I.  It certainly isn't the lack of time!


Just do it.  Just don't think about it.  We can talk ourselves out of things we don't relish doing at amazing speeds.  It doesn't take much for us to NOT clean the garage or vacuum the couch. Don't ponder on the jobs you do not like.  Do them quickly and get them over with.

I've been married for almost 30 years and maybe only 5? times did the elves help me out. They are efficient when they come and do great work, but they cannot be counted on.  They're very you had just better do everything yourself.  If you're waiting on the elves, your house will fall to pieces.....

 I have been writing out job lists for the kids for years.  I even made job PICTURES for some of them because they couldn't read.  I have said over and over to them, just DO it, it doesn't take that long.  And it really doesn't.  Just test this and see.....shake some rugs, fix the tea cart, dust the top of the piano, fold a load of towels and put them will see that jobs are usually short and sweet(?).....we, sometimes along with our kids, moan about it when we could already be DONE with it!

 Learn short-cuts and easy outs.  Make tips and tricks work for you.  If you read things in a book or on the internet, try them, don't just think that's a good idea and forget them.

This is something I have trouble JUST getting done.  Lydia's school.  I do put it off, I do think the elves might do it some night while I'm sleeping, I do think maybe she knows enough and is done with school......I will apply this *J* thought the next time I need to prepare her school.


Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

I've been feeling overwhelmed and yet in a slump lately. Your ABCs is exactly the swift kick I'm needing. Thanks, Friend. :)

Dee said...

Just do a great motto. I use it all the time.

Grammie Kim said...

Next time you need to do Lydia's school, you can have several ABC's apply.


...just thought I would help. :)

Anonymous said...

You are right, there have *always* been distractions for women getting their housework done.

Another great post!