Tuesday, March 6

ABC's of Cleaning-Part 1

Proverbs 14:1  Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Some of you may keep a better house than I do, some of you may keep a worse house than I do.  Just look around your house right now and *judge* for yourself......I'm too busy to do it for everybody.  If you are blessed with a husband that works every day and you keep house, then do it RIGHT.  He's gone for 10? hours a day, what do you do with those 10 hours when he's gone?  Is the house a friendly inviting place for him to come home to?  You say you're a stay at home mom...... be the best you can be.

I'm going to go through the alphabet and use it as a guide to my thinking.  I've been working for years to find my 6 kids things to do.  I'm not surprised that things just keep flowing that-a-way from me.

*A* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Always put things back where they belong.  For three reasons (that I can think of).  If you put things back where they belong, then you always know where those things are.  That might sound kind of lame, but lots of people don't seem to connect.  Tape measures, scissors, the rake, bills, baking soda, dog shampoo, pacifiers, .......who wants to look for those things? 

 The second good reason to put things up is this....if you do not.....that's how things become a mess.  That's how shoes are left in the trunk of a car for 3 months, a bowl of cereal is spilled on a library book, and you can't find the air-pump so you can take a bike ride. That's how good church clothes get ruined in a basket....... somebody put a wet towel in with them.  It only takes a minute to put something back where it belongs, it could take 15 minutes to find it if you don't and a whole day to just *pick up* things in the house.

  If you don't put things back where they belong, they can become lost things and you have to replace them.  You leave your weed-eater out in the rain...gotta buy a new one.  

*B* ~~~~~~~~~~~~`  Buy fun cleaning products.  Lots of things we clean with have to be replaced often, so just buy some things at the Dollar Tree, use them and when they get old and *very* used, replace them.  I have two dish brushes, one is a pretty red and white Betty Crocker from our Dollar Tree.  I got the Comet Lilac Bliss for a dollar also.  Make sure you have fun dish washing liquid and pretty rags.  There's nothing fun about using a rag that looks like it has been around since the Mayflower.  I buy old t-shirts for a dime and cut them up for rags.  Buy orange buckets and fun dusters.  Use smelly good fabric softeners.....learn to use natural cleaners like vinegar, salt and baking soda.  READ those tips on Pinterest, don't just *like* them.  Retire your old cleaning things and work on making what you use all the time a little more cheery. Put a pretty apron on your 6 year old and give her a pink duster.  It's a good start.

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Jersey Mama said...

Since you posted a picture of the pretty dishcloths you found, I have been on the hunt for some. I like your tips. :)