Monday, February 20


So, it worked out.  We got to go skating.  And watching.  For $10 you can skate and watch for two full hours.  But first, you need donuts.

The rink is kept at freezing...........I'd love to go sometime in doesn't feel so great when it's cold outside, too.  At home, you're all warm and you don't really bring the things you should.  Live and Learn.

The kids have a great time.  The rink is never they're not a real threat to many people.

This is the thrift store I bought a par of leather duck shoes for almost $8......and a couple weeks later they fall to pieces.  Live and Learn.  I will be more careful about used shoes in the future.

This was pretty funny.  A SOLID camo car.  I figure if we hit it, all we would have to say is:  WE DID NOT SEE IT.

Toys R Us.........NOT.  Not one single Frisbee in this store.  What kind of a toy store is this anyway?

We always end the day at Starbuck's.  Starbuck's is always a good way to end a day.  And begin it, too.


Rebecca said...

Looks like you NEEDED that Starbucks!

(I like the way you're living -- and learning!)

Now I'm going to see what else I missed. I see the title "manual" below and don't remember reading that...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day!

I've never seen a camo car before, that was funny!

Kari said...

That's a HUGE Thrift Store! AWESOME! Ice skating is so much fun and even better when you end it at Starbucks! Welcome back... :)

Humble wife said...

LOL none of you saw the car, only the tires!!

Looks like the kiddos had fun, oh how I loved to ice skate.

Have a lovely day and hope you rested enough!!

ps I am having a cookbook giveaway if you wish to enter!