Saturday, February 18


I've decided I like manual things better than things you plug in.  Not everybunny knows what manual means though.  I guess the word isn't used much anymore.  I like roll down by hand windows.  I like hand held put in the drawer when you're done can openers.  I like clothes lines instead of dryers.  I'd rather wash dishes by hand than put them in a dishwasher.
I'm very thankful for the things in my life that make it easier, like washing machines and toasters.  But things break.  If you plug it in, there's a bigger chance it will go on the blink, blow a fuse, snap, fizzle, get a short or ruin a part that cannot be replaced.  Like a laptop.  Like my laptop.  There's no substitute for them like a hand held beater instead of an electric mixer.  A piano instead of a cd player.  You can't make something else take the place of your computer, unless maybe you have internet on your phone, and you haven't dropped it in the ocean lately and it still works.
My laptop is back from the hospital and it seems like it is working just fine.  I DID miss it.  I'm not going to act like I didn't.  I got to check mail, FB and do a little *pinning* on my husband's computer, but it just wasn't the same.  I didn't want to lose my pictures (most ARE backed up) and I didn't want to lose my book-marks.  Everybunny uses different things on their computers and goes different places and enjoy different things....well, I enjoy my list of bookmarks.  I don't like the thought of losing track of the places I like to go.
I continued to take pictures and LOTS of things can happen in three weeks.  Like a new grand-daughter......different flowers blooming......going places and doing things......the days were just packed.

Here is the skating rink we go to once a year or so to celebrate a birthday.  NOT MINE.  I was watching the four kids skate with Kimberly and Desi and listening to the ridiculous music in the background.  I had Glori go make a request.  She asked the lady to play a certain song.....and the lady says this:  "It's all done manually, we can't play the songs we want."  I'm pretty sure she mean was hilarious.  So, the next time you get in an old car and roll the window up with your HAND, remember, it's manual, NOT automatic.


ancient one said...

And I would have been the old woman who said that... ha ha

Anonymous said...

I sure missed you, *so glad* you're back!


Good to see you back, Mobunny.:)))

Jersey Mama said...

Glad your computer is all well :)