Wednesday, January 18


I sing a little song with my Sunday School girls....

In the middle of a seed
buried deep so deep
a real little plant
lay fast asleep.

I tell the girls inside those little bitty seeds may be a beautiful zinnia,
or a radish,
or cilantro,
or a huge sunflower.
How neat is it to have a little black seed that looks like a speck of dirt
turn into moss rose,
or larkspur? 

I love seeds.  I collect them and save them from year to year.
I bring seeds home from New Jersey.....Colorado......Kansas.

People send me seeds, too.
Seeds from a friend's gardens make sweeter flowers.

Tonight when I mowed the back yard,
I left some little patches of henbit to grow
so they could go to seed.
All I want in the back yard is henbit and grass.  
Maybe some clover for Donut.

I've never ordered seeds from a catalog.
I've never needed to.
Because of our mild winters, most of my plants re-seed themselves
and multiply....whether or not I like it.
Take my 4 O'clocks.
Come and take them.
They grow like weeds in my front gardens.
As you see in the top picture, I have LOTS of seeds for this coming season.
I think I will put them in the back yard and they can go to town
 and not be in competition with anything,
 but the fence. They are the worst possible color in my book.

Do *you* order seeds?


Humble wife said...

I love gardening! I have many seeds I save from my plants and every year I order seeds...this year I am ordering edible flowers.

Happy Planting

Mrs. Mobunny said...

.....that would be nasturtiums.....they are peppery!

Rebecca said...

I'm looking forward to planting seeds you sent me. I know right where they are. I need to put a reminder in my date book so I don't forget. It's a long time till spring!

Once I led a kid's musical with a song that said, "Only God can count the apples in a single seed; only He knows just how many there will be. All my possibilities are a sight He sees when He looks inside of me" (or something like that).

Kristi said...

I have ordered bulbs. Does that count?


Sara said...

Don't forget the seeds...well I guess the plants that you got from MS.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Rebecca, itt IS a long time till Spring for some of you....but not us. My white irises are blooming like it's April.

Kristi, bulbs count.

Sara, I continually enjoy all the *growing things* I've gotten from your yard. I also enjoy your rose....