Sunday, January 15

Old friends, Dear friends !!

We were so glad and blessed to have Brother Dave and Sister Pat
with us last week-end.
We haven't seen them for years.
We've been friends with them since our
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Nothing like seeing old friends walk up the sidewalk
to your front door.

Brother Dave is a true missionary,
he loves what he does.
Sister Pat is right there beside him.
She is a cancer survivor.
She is a REAL letter writer.
She gave me all of her used school books.
I loved getting them from her.
Not because they were free, but because
 she wanted ME
to have them.
She plays the trumpet and always does a special.

Brother Dave is a fixer-upper.
He builds things and tinkers.
They love the Lord and want to see lost souls
in Mexico come to the Truth.
Brother Dave was part of my husband's ordination
at Pleasant Valley.
May the Lord continue to bless their ministry.....
and keep them safe.

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ancient one said...

Amen!! Loved meeting your friends!