Friday, January 6

Just a Mo-Thursday

 Yes, I always start with a cup of coffee.  I get up at six, James goes to work at 6:15.....gets home around 7:30.  

I read my Bible in the morning and think about what I need to do for the day.  I usually have a list so I don't forget things.  Right now, my list should say: don't EAT.

When it's chilly in the house I like to have a candle lit.  This one didn't last very long.  I tend to like brown candles!  Heather got me one for Christmas, it's *very* brown.

I turned on some music, it's so nice to be able to listen to our old just wait! One of these days I'm going to figure out how to *convert* albums to cd's.

I got this women's shirt for a song at a thrift was a very small, I decided to make a bag out of it.

When old candles burn to the bottom and go out, I melt the remaining wax and put it in this makes the house smell good, but it's not the same thing as a candle.

I wrote out a list for the girls.....just a few things.  Donut LOVES to eat greens so I remind Lydia to get her some every morning.  Kimberly was supposed to dust the piano.

I did a load of clothes.........when I was doing all the kids in home-school, I would find myself starting a load of clothes instead of doing SCHOOL.  Now it doesn't matter.  I am conducting a test on fabric softener.  Right now, they're both winning for different reasons.

I got a package ready to take to the post office.  I am sending a bunny bag to a fellow rabbit lover.

Time to put up the Christmas dishes.  Time to NOT eat any more Christmas anything.  

Today (Thursday), I learned that Snoopy had a sister named Molly. All these years I have loved Snoopy and didn't know that.  Olivia started calling me Molly years ago.  Sometimes Molly turns in to Molly Moo Cow, but that's OK.  It's a term of endearment, even the cow part.

On my way out to the garden to place the blue piggy bank somewhere.....I took a picture of guilty Jolly.  The cats are not supposed to sleep on the truck.  OR walk on the windshield.  The cats do not listen.

So, now the blue piggy bank has a new home.  The 24 Hour Garden.  If anybunny wants to drive by and put pennies or silver things in it, that's fine.

Just some garden shots.  I love the gardens this time of year and it makes me want the weather to not get FREEZY because I lose a lot when it does.  

Almost ten......almost 70 in the house.

A perfect 60 outside.  (see the green trees in the background?)

I worked on the bag off and on all day.  Since I had never cut up a button up shirt, it took a little longer.

I think this was my breakfast.  

I left at 11:30 to have a Bible Study with a sweet lady that just recently got saved.  

On my way home, I stopped at a thrift store.  Got the vintage fabric, 3 old pillow-cases and 1 kitchen towel....all for a dime each.  I was tickled.  

I watched *Say Yes To the Dress* in the afternoon and got supper ready for James.  I made him two soft tacos...with cilantro from my gardens.

I had a bowl of oatmeal in the late afternoon.  It is heart healthy and I've always liked it.  Do YOU like oatmeal?  oatymilly?

Oh yes, these came in the morning, but I forgot to take a picture of them until the afternoon.  I got them off of e-bay.  I love Mary Jane slip on low heel size 9 buy it now DUCK shoes.

The coloring in the picture is a little off.....but this is the top of the bag all finished.  

Listened to Evie, front and back.

Crocheted while we watched a little TV.............

I downloaded Picasa 3.9 onto my computer.  If you use Picasa and haven't done this yet, DO IT.  They added lots of different things and some are really fun.

This would be my snack for the day.  

I go to bed early, because I get up early.  
Another nice Thursday.


Heather McEntire said...

i like reading your posts that meander through your days. they make me realize......

Rebecca said...

I want to comment on EVERYthing Evie. At Christmas time I remembered "Special Delivery" and posted about it.

And like how jealous I am of your garden and weather.

And like how I wish I lived close enough and could drop a few pennies or silver coins into the piggy bank. And how my husband took a tin can full of pennies across the street to the bank. There as over $14 worth in it (and over $120 in a jar of nickles, dimes and quarters!)

And more. But I can't remember it all. Probably something about eating.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you do posts like this, it makes me kind of feel like I spent the day with you. :o)

Karen said...

This was such a fun post to read. I love reading about your days. Thank you, Mrs. Mo.

Happy Weekend to you!!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Thanks everybunny! I love to get up in the morning!

Sara said...

You were Snoopy's sister along and didn't even know! ;) No wonder you loved him!
I'm gonna check out the new Picasa.

~~Deby said...

This was a fun post....I was with you through your day...and found out tidbits of information I never ever knew...
you are a sweetie..