Thursday, January 5

Christmas Dresses

When I chose the pattern,
I didn't know it would be
SUCH a twirly dress.

I meant to make them a little too big....
they turned out to fit just right....
which I guess is better
than too

Hannah's doesn't twirl...
She doesn't realize it.

Hannah in black and white.

What a blessing it is to have little Grand-daughters.....
little Grand-daughters that have moms that love dresses......
fabric and patterns.

I love to sew.
What do you love to do?


Moma Chas said...

Not much sweeter than a little girl in twirly dresses or even not twirly dresses. :)
Enjoy your day! <3

Humble wife said...

I love the dresses! You are one creative grandmother!

Hmm what do I love to do? Well read this blog~ of course :)

Have a lovely day!


Mrs. Mobunny said...

thanks Chas and Jennifer.....for hopping over to my blog!!

Cindy Rogers said...

I just love the dresses! I agree, I love to sew... quilts... dresses and even work to alter wedding dresses... like I did for Priscilla's dress and like I am doing right now for a girl in our church here who is about to be married.

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Awww, such sweet dresses!