Thursday, December 22


 fond of little trees.
These were PERFECT!
They were at a Kroger in Alvin.
A place I don't shop of course, I have my
 own Kroger.These were a little taller than a first grader.
Just right.I like things compact and tight.Tall trees fall, short
 ones don't.
And if they do, the 
damage is small.
As long as I'm
in the minority,
we will have
a big tree.


Grammie Kim said...

When we live in the rest home together in a few years, you can have a small tree. I won't mind. It can even be about the size of a kindergartener....and I won't complain. As long as I can hang my glass snowman on it...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

as you wish.....

ancient one said...

Maybe one year you can have two.. tall for them.. small for you.. After all, my doctor had nine trees in his house last year, a blogging friend has quite a few (I'm thinking 14.. she rescues them after Christmas) and The White House has 27?...

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

I prefer a small tree and in the minority here as well. Like how you wrote that in the shape of a tree. Clever!