Tuesday, December 20

A Stick

This is our *stick*.
Does your house have a stick?

We used it a lot when the kids were all here.
More things evidently rolled under furniture, had to be un-poked out of corners, 
jabbed, reached, knocked down, 
smacked, whacked and retrieved.....
when there were 8 of us.

If your house doesn't have stick,
then how do you get cats out of the recessed lighting?
tennis balls from under the couch?
cobwebs in the garage?
Christmas tree parts out of the vacuum hose?
little people that fall behind the freezer?
fabric from your TALLEST shelf?

If I had a dime for every time somebody yelled:
*WHERE is the STICK?*
I could probably buy 
a new broom.


Humble wife said...

This post made me laugh out loud!! I have what I call arms. I say I need an arm and one of the kids or my husband comes to reach anything for me. But when I need things -as I can only reach the first shelf in any room in the house I resort to my daughters old broom that adds enough for me to scootch the item forward so it will fall to my catching arms!!

Oh and in the kitchen I use the grill tongs...they reach high and grab!

Thanks once again for giving me a smile!!


Grammie Kim said...

...a house stick, huh? Clever...

Sara said...

We have many sticks! The long toy sword, the bamboo stick the kids brought in, the broom handle....