Wednesday, December 21


Jolly used to be an inside cat.  She would perch herself on a windowsill and look outside at the birds and the trees......she would sit by the opened front door and stare out the screen.  She acted like she wanted to be free.  So, now she's an outside cat, unless she can GET IN.

I was just walking through the front-room the other day, and there she was, comfortable a ever on the back of our new love-seat atop an afghan from my Granny. She wanted out, now she wants in.  Too bad.

I like outside cats better than inside cats and I like our cats better than the neighbor cats, but I'd like the neighbor cats the best if THEY caught our mice and we didn't HAVE any outside cats.

Given the chance, Jolly would be Queen.  If somebunny says A CAT GOT IN THE HOUSE....we all know who it is.  She used to run to our back bedroom and get under our mattress where nobunny could reach her. (not even with a STICK)  She thought it was really cute.  Well, we got a new bed and she can't pull that trick anymore.  Besides, all I have to do now is klunk two cans together in the door-way and she thinks it's time to eat.  Out she will come from her hiding place.

I think I was being laughed at by a cat.  What do you think? Who do you think got the last laugh?

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Sara said...

That poor kitty!! ;)