Tuesday, December 6

I wish I would have.......

There will be no pictures with this blog post because there ARE no pictures.

There are four things I wish I had been doing all along.
Three of them I can't change, and one of them I can.

1.  I wish I had kept a journal of *happenings* , a family history of holidays, birthdays,
revivals, parties, trips, vacations, weddings,  salvation/baptism, 
moving into different houses,
guests in our homes for different occasions,
addresses, phone numbers, missionaries that stayed with us, cars and their cost,
jobs and wages, grocery $$ I've gotten and big ticket items.

It would be SO fun to look back on almost 30 years of what we've all done together.
We'd know just where we spend our holidays and who we shared those days with....
and what we all got each other! 
 There was a time that our front-room looked like Toys-R-Us.
Where did we spend our first Christmas?  
I can remember our last Christmas, but not our first!
What did we do on all the July 4th's in our life?
We'd know just what happened for each birthday of our children and what they *got* that year.  18X6= 108......that would be a lot of information, but I don't think we'd tire of reading about what our children were doing on their special day!
We could look back over all the men we've heard preach revivals and where.
I do remember Brother Disney from Fayetville, Arkansas (Mission Blvd. Baptist Church) preached at Pleasant Valley one year....and he said:
"Remember who you are and what you are about."
I've never forgotten that, but I don't know what year it was?
We've had parties and get-togethers for different reasons.
I know we threw a hum-dinger of a Christmas party a few years back.
I've got pictures, but don't remember what *year* it was.
And TRIPS.  How about knowing the dates of when we would drive to Kansas to see my parents?  And how much gas was? And if we ate somewhere on the way.
We used to come to Freeport from Dallas to visit family, now we LIVE here!
Vacations.  Wow.  Wish I had record of all the places we've been!  
We've been to Colorado and all the way to New York, and lots of state parks in between!
Can I remember the weddings we've attended?
I just know now that people are married.
I've got record on old calenders that have record of the kids getting saved and baptized, and I'm sure the church has record of the baptisms, but I'd still like to have 
it in writing in a neat little book.
We've lived in a few places since we've been married.
I know the first place was on MONMOUTH.
That's kind of hard to forget!
But when did we move from there to Rolling Meadows, the place Sara was born?
We've had guests that I wish I could remember....... fun times, eating, playing games.
I remember one time we had PaPa and Granny over just to listen to a new
 Inspirations tape /cd? that we got.  Now was it a tape or cd?
What have our addresses and telephone numbers been?
We turned off the house phone a couple months back.
We had that number almost 30 years, and now it's gone.
This one really hurts....we've had SO many missionaries stay with us!!
I do wish we would have kept track of them and had them sign a *guest book* or something.  We enjoyed so many of them.  
The Michael Lea family came for a short time when our kids were little.  They were here long enough for one of our daughters to SOAK their daughter at the bathroom sink.
When they left, he forgot his jacket.  Or so he said.
They just wanted to come back!
Tammy and her kids, I with mine, went to a parade with each other while
 the guys stayed home and talked  Bible.
Now, when was that?
So, what about our cars?  Maybe we've had more than the average bear because when we got them they were usually already quite worn out and tired.
I just know I loved our Dodge Ram Van.  I still do.
If somebunny would put an engine in it, I'd take it back and drive it everywhere I went.
Especially to the beach.
I know we sold a car to pay for Sara to be born......
Where all has my husband worked?
I guess that wouldn't be too hard to remember.
But it would be nice to have it written down.
You know how it is.....somebunny says it was 1992....NO, it was 93.
Well, it was 92 I'm sure.
The money I get for groceries has changed drastically over the years.
2 kids, 4 kids, 6 kids............4 kids, 2 kids.
Right now we're at 2 kids.
It's the first time I've ever bought BUTTER for everything instead of margarine.
Of COURSE butter is better, but butter costs more.
My husband has ALWAYS made a point to get me regular grocery money.
It may have been small, but it could be counted on, and that helped.
I guess it would be fun to know the big ticket items we've bought.  
Even the hot water heater.
Furniture, the freezer that potties on the floor about every three days.
Lawn-mowers.  (great boxes from lawn-mowers!)

Well, that's number one.
I know that these things all pass and in eternity they won't be important, but I still think it would be fun to *read all about it.*
Stay tuned for #2 thing I wish I would have done!


Rebecca said...

Well, I in listing what you WISH you'd done in the #1 category, you kind of DID it! (Did you notice?) I know it's not as thorough and itemized as you wish, but be sure to save this in a safe place :)

Anonymous said...

im not sure that was a sad or a happy post. i started one very similar...my was pukingly depressing....so, its just sitting in my drafts. i enjoyed the read.

Humble wife said...

Ok here's an idea. Bank statements are a family history as they are perfect for seeing what you spent at the grocery, thrifting, on utilities, fuel etc.

I also have something I never could have imagined. I wrote to all the grandparents every week until 2006(from 1988 on), when I began the blog. I never thought much about the letters and when mom died she had boxes of all the things each of us sent her over the years. It is like a time capsule of where we were stationed with addresses, my thoughts, what the children were doing etc. What an incredible time capsule and the kids and I have been going through them. I wrote to the grandparents because we did not live nearby as we were military but I wanted them to know my children. I sent hair clippings, photos, recipes who we knew, floor plans of homes we lived in...oh I cannot even share how much. It is as if mom gave me one final gift!

Anyhow, I wish I had met you years ago. I wish I lived near you and yours as I would love to hop over and visit with you. I enjoy my blogity visits so much.

Can't wait until the next post


Sara said...

SO much has passed and so much to come...you could start all that now, I bet and have the last 30, 40, I hope 50 years of your life recorded!
It's good information no matter what season of life...The grand kids come and visit...you don't want to forget when they did...Love you Mama

Sheri Hepworth said...

Hubby's grandmother kept letters I wrote to her. When she passed away, Dave's mom gave them to me. I read them and had absolutely no memory of most of the happenings; they were so random and so ordinary. Would you believe? I threw the letters away. I had no desire to hold onto old letters of ordinary 'stuff'. I have a few photos and a few special pictures or stories my children created for me. But, with space constraints, it was better for all of us if I threw paper away rather than shuffle it from one space to the next. No guilt whatsoever. I kept next to nothing from homeschooling my first three; it was that unimportant to me to hold onto books and assignments. The kids kept only their most favorite assignments; and haven't looked at them in the ten years since they finished school. Stop beating yourself up, 'k? Life goes on. Your legacy is in the lives of six precious children; not in their school records or vacation photo albums.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Whew Sheri, you're right. If being concerned about memories is messing up TODAY, summpin is very wrong. I feel better already!