Tuesday, December 27

December 27th

I think I am going to enjoy these.  
I love living in a place that sells flip-flops right next to winter boots.

I full plan to make this beautiful bunny fabric into a bag.  A shoe bag.  I always need summpin to put my shoes in when we go places.  I had what I thought was a 40% off coupon today for Hobby Lobby......didn't discover it was not valid until after the fabric was cut.  Oh well.  It was only $4.00. I can't wait!  

If you like pistachios, say so.  Did you know they dye them red to hide imperfections?  I'd rather see the imperfections than have the dye on my fingers for three days.  I love them.  

Keebler used to make a pretzel that was buttery in the regular pretzel shape like this.  They were really good.  A little elf told them I liked them, so they stopped making them.  Or so it seems.
These are good, too.  I like a pretzel with a crunch and big chunks of salt.

O.K., O.K., I realize this is the WORST possible form to buy tapioca in, but I like it.  I prefer some home-made.....but if I did that it wouldn't be low-fat and there would be a HUGE bowl of it sitting in the fridge calling my name.  These little single servings are much safer for me.  Do YOU like tapioca?

This pepper is to be added to the chili I'm making for the our all day services this coming Sunday.  It's always laughable to see a sign, a recipe or a statement somewhere stating *THEIR* product is best.  The BEST cup of coffee.  The BEST mattress.  The BEST value.  Well, I have a recipe for the BEST chili you will ever eat.  I need it......my polls are waaaaay down when it comes to chili.....

Well, how many of you are a proud owner of a Keurig coffee machine? You know, the one that fixes you a perfect cup of coffee in less time than it takes you to curl your bangs?
 I had a really good coupon for this coffee and it was on sale.  I also liked the name of it.  *Foglifter*  Who doesn't need the fog lifted in the morning?  

I can barely stand to eat plain CHEEZ-ITs.......they're so orange or summpin?  I like the flavored ones  about twice a year.  They're especially good if you have something to SCOOP.  Do you like them? love them? avoid them?  

I'm going to be much more careful about taking bike rides in the alley......I can't afford to buy many of these.  It was $4.96.  I am SO glad they didn't cost that much when all the kids were little....they used to cost just enough to cause pain, but not so much we couldn't buy them 3 times a month for each bike.  

We have a mouse or a rat.  SOMETHING keeps chewing holes in the cat food bags and leaving little messes.  I just need to figure out where to put this so the mouse/rat will sniff it out, but where Bunny will NOT.   

I eat about two of these a year.  NOT two boxes!!  I wonder who invented them and if their family members drive Hummers and shop at Macy's?  It was a very good idea.....I guess.  What do you think?

Kroger had LOTS and LOTS of pretty flowers marked down today.  Purple isn't very holiday-ish....but they were the ones that said *buy me!*  I read a quote this morning one somebunny's blog about always having something pretty to look at in your home.  This was my effort for the day.  

I like our Dollar Tree.  Everything is a dollar.  It is kind of comforting to know that ANYTHING you pick up in there is ONE dollar.  Some things aren't worth the package they are sold in, I think some things are under priced, so it all kind of works out. The holiday paper was 50cents each.......there is one thing I never want to have to do and that is buy paper on December 20th at FULL price.  I like to pick out paper that could be used for other things....how did I do?

I have wanted a mat like this for years.  We earned some Kohl's cash.....I shopped around yesterday for summpin to buy, but the line to check-out was clear to the shoes, so I decided to wait until today to buy summpin.  I'm glad I waited.  Yesterday I was going to buy a spatula, today I picked out this rug.  75% off made it $5.99.  Come wipe your feet on our new rug and have a piece of oatmeal pie.

this is the most BLUE purse in the world.  no doubt.  you will not see a more blue purse anywhere.   it's not a fossil or a coach.....but I love it.  


Woops.  Would you look at that?  I bought the blue purse yesterday and this one today.  Can you believe the same person likes both of them?  Just so you will all know, when I get new purses, I get rid of old ones.  I have them in a drawer that will only hold so many.  I do NOT have a rented pod for my purses.

These are the cans that will make the BEST CHILI you have ever eaten.  I sure hope it works.  I'd like to go out of 2011 with a bang.  
this is what I did today and some of the things I bought........I LOVE to get groceries and I LOVE to do laundry.  


ancient one said...

Okay... lets see if I can remember... I'm not a chili fan... would rather have soup. I liked your flowers from Krogers... loved the flip flops... umm..umm... nope I cannot remember all the questions.. but I did enjoy this post and all the shopping you did. LOL

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pistachios, but I HATE tapioca.

We had a mouse problem (they had even gotten into my purse!) and we bought those silent, electronic things that you plug into your outlets. It came with 3 of them and we've had absolutely NO problems since.

Your purple flowers are lovely. :o)

Jersey Mama said...

I eat white and green pistachios. I love love love chili and would make it every week ... but I don't like it too hot (spicy?) I wish I could wear flip-flops today. Tapioca: blech. Foglifter is a great name for coffee! No Keurig here, though. Yet. :) I love Cheezits in every flavor, eating Queen Anne cordial cherries makes my teeth ache, purple flowers are gorgeous any time of the year, and I LOVE our Dollar Tree!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to use the coupon on the pistachio bag.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

that's how it appears !! I had a dollar off coupon for ONE already, the coupon on the package was for TWO....and they were weird flavors. If I like them, I will buy two next time. I got salt and pepper this time.

Sara said...

I have those exact flip flops!! I even took a picture of them too!! Except this all happened to me a couple years ago. And the flip flops are still holding up!

Anonymous said...

I like...your new flippies, your bunny fabric, pretzels, tapioca, coffee, White Cheddar Cheez-Its, pretty flowers, discount wrapping paper, welcome mats, new purses, and New Year's chili. I don't like chili peppers or mice! My great-grandpa loved chocolate-covered cherries. and nuts? i can take them or leave them.


Heather McEntire said...

dont put your traps out in the day when Bunny is FREE. the rodent won't come out then anyway.
look in corners and under cabinets for places it might be getting in and out from.
we used rat poison.
it worked.

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Love the bunny fabric -- adorable! I remember the butter pretzels. I wasn't a fan. I ADORE tapioca pudding. Your BEST chili recipe looks a lot like mine.

Rebecca said...

I COULD eat 2 BOXES of cherry cordials! Seriously. I can't believe I didn't have even one individual candy this year. Maybe I'd better run and see if there's a sale on 'em!

Pen Pen said...

Love this post; we used to get a box of cherry cordials each year for Christmas, with money tucked inside the wrapper. That was fun. Yes, I got a new keurig for Christmas, and I debated on whether or not I really 'needed' it, as it takes up a lot of space next to my regular coffee pot. My husband talked me into keeping it, saying it wasn't a 'need', but a 'treat'. So I think we've used it four times since Christmas. :-) My regular coffee pot is a Bunn and it makes coffee pretty quickly too....and much cheaper. Love your new blue purse and good luck with the mice!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

The Keurig coffee is a treat, you're right there......I pretty much think plain old Folger's is my favorite variety........decaff and Black Silk.