Friday, December 30

At the end of a perfect day.....

Earthly speaking, I had a wonderful day yesterday.  It started just like any normal day, good coffee.  I finished the book of Esther, I enjoy that story and now understand the Feast of Purim better.  

I wore my very favorite outfit (dark gray skirt, red top, plaid snap shirt)  and put on a little Sweet Honesty perfume....thanks Avon.  

The year is coming to an end and I'm getting closer to finishing my Bible reading.  I fixed up a new plan for next year, this year I will read a systematic chart.....starting with Genesis, ending with Revelation.

James gave me the printer he isn't using any more.  I haven't had a printer for years, it will really be nice to print off Hobby Lobby coupons and Sunday School papers.

While I was getting an area ready for the printer I found a little book on friendship.....I hope to fix it up for a friend with a January birthday.

The little birthday book I hope to fix up needed pictures.....Walgreen's had 25 free prints.  All you needed was the that was fun!

I fixed up a new cup for my pens and's a huge Starbuck's cup that is too big to drink coffee from.  Nobody can lift it if it's full.....of HOT coffee.

I watched a Martha Stewart holiday show.....we record shows and watch them was the one where her audience was asked to wear a Christmas Sweater.....even ones from the 80's.

James was in the office most of the day, we didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do.  We watched Restaurant Impossible together and ate ham sandwiches.  I also listened to American Pickers and a show on lawmen in Fairbanks, Alaska.  

I had two candles burning, a poinsettia in the front room and a pumpkin one in the kitchen.  The house smelled warm and yummy all day.

I had chicken and dumplings for's one of my most favorite food.  I can't choose it to be my birthday meal cause it just doesn't sound good in July!  I also had a piece of the oatmeal pie nobunny ate for the holidays.  It wept and wasn't beautiful........but it was good.

I picked a hand-ful of 4 O'clock seeds and put them in the kitchen window sill to save for the back yard this Spring.  

I play Angry Birds.......and I couldn't get past a level........and I finally did it!  

My mom from Kansas called and we had a nice visit.  I love to talk with her on the phone.

I played Evie, one of my old albums, on my new record player.  Never the Same Again......I enjoyed hearing all the songs again.  Good memories of when I first got saved.  

I got a few texts from our Kelly friends as they traveled North......the HUGE Buc-ees in Madisonville.........and Collins Street Bakery, the place we got our fruitcake.  

The girls were at somebunny's house playing I knew they were having a good day, too.

I sewed Kimberly's Christmas cupcake fabric into a bag....with ric-rac and a pocket.  And a long strap.  

The weather was abbba-sa-loot-lee beautiful!  Chilly, blue skies, yellow leaves a fluttering in the breeze.  

I painted my toe-nails and went to bed with Burt's Bees milk and honey lotion on my hands.  

How was your day?


Heather McEntire said...

that DOES sound like a perfect day!
: ) how fun....

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

What a wonderful day! The Olders and I each found quiet corners to curl up with good books and the newness of the Littles' Christmas gifts haven't worn off yet. All and all a good day here as well.

Funny, chicken (or turkey) and dumplings is a favorite here too... but NOT during summer either.

Rebecca said...

No way could I top YOURS! Good for you!

Cindy Rogers said...

What a great day!!! It is so nice to have just quiet, peaceful days in the midst of so much activity.
Have a great day!