Saturday, December 10


OK, this has to do with pictures.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  Just to put it plainly, I wish all of our pictures were in long boxes with lids.  All the pictures would be dated on the back and it wouldn't make any difference where they were......just keep them IN a box.
I have a suitcase full of random pictures that aren't in books. Where in the world did they all come from? Can you throw away pictures?  (sara, do NOT answer)
You know what is really aggravating?  Those old picture books with the cellophane wrapping type pages....kind of sticky, kind of electrified or something......well, they turn yellow and very unpleasant.
I'm just telling everybunny now, if we have to flee to the middle of the state because a hurricane is in the Gulf, there is a GREAT chance that not many pictures are going to come along with us.
I've got my pictures tamed, they are all in ONE old suitcase and ONE cabinet.   They are going to stay just like they are until I have a day that I have NOTHING else to do but weed out and date and file and fix. But first, I will buy some long boxes.  I am not going to *scrapbook* any pictures........I might as well face it.  You that enjoy scrap-booking, have a great time. Without me.
I don't want to be a slave to pictures, I want to be able to enjoy them......
So, tell me about your pictures.  Are they all standing at attention in beautiful black velvet books with ribbon ties?  Are they in order?  Do you have piles of pictures in different places that you are going to *fix up real nice* some day?  Do you have envelopes with pictures in them waiting to be put in books you bought three years ago?
OR, are all your pictures, dated...........and in long boxes with lids?

*edited to add*  What has digital pictures done to your habits of old?  Do you still print pictures, REAL pictures, or do you have a nice program on your computer for them?


Rebecca said...

My pictures are pretty much in the same place as yours! I even have some of those yellowed ones (much to my dismay - 'cause I thought I was doing such a good thing with them).

No scrapbooking for me, either. Too time-consuming AND expensive. Makes no sense to me.

I've seen people spend a whole weekend just scrapbooking a 2 hour birthday party! Wonderful if you like to do that sort of thing....

Michele@A Quiet Gracious Life said...

I have a couple of boxes of pictures, but since getting a digital camera 6 years ago, I rarely print out pictures.---I sometimes miss having prints, but I like not having boxes and boxes of unorganized photos.

I do NOT keep my pictures on my computer though, I keep them on a thumb drive. You can get them really inexpensively and that way they're safe. If you keep them on your computer and the computer crashes then you lose ALL of your pictures. Sadly I've known people who have had that happen to them. It also makes your computer slower to store all that on there.

Scrapbooking......I do enjoy it but rarely do it anymore and I miss it. I don't scrapbook EVERY picture and I keep my pages VERY simple and that makes it more enjoyable for me.

Fun questions!

Heather McEntire said...

i have all of the above....some in old magnetic albums, some in newer books, some in scrapbooks, and some (a big some) in a loooong box with a lid. but they're not dated.
do they still count?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Dilly, date them while you still have your mind.

ancient one said...

When my daughter had children she always made two sets of pictures. One for her.. one for me. If one of our houses burned we'd still have the pictures. (that was our reasoning) I have pictures in books, boxes, baskets, and a few in frames. I keep telling myself I'm going to put names and dates on them but I don't. I have printed some of the digital pics, have downloaded some on CD and DVD disk. I have zillions on "floppy disks" that are absolutely no good since the new computer doesn't even have that slot. I guess that thumb drive would be a better place to store them ???

Anonymous said...

A lady in Galveston lost everything in a hurricane except her photos, because they were in a plastic bin with a tight lid. They floated. Maybe this is a better solution than a box.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Since we live on the coast, 5 minutes from the ocean as the bird flies, I might need to add some PLASTIC to my plan!

Sara said...

Dontcha dare throw any away!! I'll take them all!! lol
I always swore that all my pictures would be in a album and dated. Well the date part has gone pretty well but I do have a small box of pictures that have no place...mainly because, 3 months after the event people will give me some that they took and I'm already way past it!! So they end up in the box! It's most important to me that a picture be clearly dated!! I want to know when it was taken!! So in case I ever totally redo my pictures it will be easier to place them where they go!