Tuesday, November 22

Predictive Blog Post

You know how you can set your phone to predictive text?  I don't use it on my phone because I like to spell words the way I want to at different times.  
Sometimes I say just plain meow.  Other times I need MEOOOOOOW.
I use SWYPE.......thinking about it, I'd rather have a predictive text day and not a SWYPE day.  
So here goes......this is what I predict I will do today:
I am going to take Kimberly to work....it is raining and she usually walks to the bus, but this morning it would be quite unpleasant.  While I'm on the side of town dodging rain-drops, I will go to Hobby Lobby and return a crochet hook that catches on my thread.  NOT a good thing.  I will also sachet to the mall and get my glasses adjusted and hopefully find a new top at Palais Royal.  Since I'm 50+, I get 15% off on Tuesdays.
On the way home I'd like to stop at Hospice thrift store.  I love that place.
When we get home I am going to cut out a little dress and two capes.  Grandchildren presents.  Now that I have my sewing room all fixed up, I am terribly excited to be in there looking and thinking and planning and dreaming.
There is a surprise in store for somebunny this afternoon.....I won't say much about it......because the information could fall into the wrong hands.
We will be preparing to go to an Independent Baptist Church in Texas City this evening.  It will be their special Thanksgiving service, we went last year........is good to see old friends.  Well, they're not old, but they are friends.
After that, we will eat at Olive Garden then have an hour ride home.  We will probably listen to our railroad songs CD.  
So, there you have it.  A predictive blog post.
Just as in any good text, there might be a few minor adjustments.
We'll see.


As Living Stones said...

I love days when I get a lot done like that :) Hope you find a nice blouse!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Now it's 20% off....but didn't find anything.

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

You've got (had) a full day. It's rainy and dreary here too. I should be baking pies but I really want to retreat to the sewing room and create and plan.

ancient one said...

Hope all went as planned!

Rebecca said...

It sounds good just the way your "predicted". Hope the actuality doesn't deviate too much at all.