Tuesday, November 8

My November Gardens

A forever dragonfly.


Lettuce anyone?

The zinnias came up!

In lots of places.

All different colors.

Office ducks moved outside....

Pink and Pink

I love to see orange in a garden.

The radish TOPS did great, not much on the eating
part though.  :(

This is a good time for my roses.

Little drops of water on my Texas Blue-Bonnet.

Henbit, and it isn't even FEBRUARY!

I love to see what color each zinnia will be!

Another stray tomato plant.

Shamrocks and rocks.

Good-bye for now.


ancient one said...

I loved walking through your november gardens.. I know I want to plant some zinnias next year. Each thing was so interesting.

Rebecca said...

Fun pictures, Mo! I especially liked seeing your office ducks! How bright and cheerful!

Sara said...

How is the bear in the tree doing?!