Friday, November 11

Autumn Lettuce

If I can get tickled over a little bit of lettuce from my garden for a few sandwiches, can you imagine what I'd feel like
if I could actually coax a cucumber, watermelon,
or cantaloupe from the ground?
I have great respect for those that can grow a garden
and have a harvest that can actually
be USED and enjoyed.


Rebecca said...

I'm WITH you on THIS one!

Rebecca said...

I'm almost positive I left a comment here yesterday.... I've forgotten exactly what I said, but it probably was something like, "You and I are similar when it comes to gardening." (Except, I'd be pleased to have planted a little lettuce for sandwiches!) Some years I get it in....sometimes even a tomato plant or two "for sandwiches". Not THIS past summer.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I'm just glad my family doesn't depend on me for food....a random radish, three small tomatoes and some lettuce would barely a rabbit snack.